Image result for spinning silver book coverSynopsis: This book was a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. The three main characters who’ve lived vastly different lives, cross paves frequently through out the book. One is destined to be a tsarnia, another the Stahrk queen, and the last one is trying to find a better life for her family. In a land of all winter, they come together to fight “monsters” to bring back the light of summer. One of the girls in particular is a daughter of a moneylender, who is actually really poor at keeping up with getting the payments, she starts bringing the money back to her family and soon the silver that she collected became gold. She became highly sought out for and gets herself stuck with a winter monster as a husband, to save her family. She and the two others fight to save their selves, and the world that they love.

Review: To be honest I liked this book in the beginning, but about half way through I became lost. It switched point of views often and it was sometimes hard to tell which ones were who. Though toward the end everything started to make more sense and I couldn’t put it down. I thought the retelling was really unique and different, and I enjoyed it as a whole. I recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tells and fantasy stories. I think its a good fall read and perfect for the Halloween time. I read it because I was signed up for the book of the month and I got it because it wasn’t something I’d normally read. All in all I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.