Image result for the way of kingsThe Way of Kings takes place in a fantasy world of Rashar.  The lighter your eyes are, the better you would live. For example if you have blue eyes you’d live in wealth and were very respected. If you had brown eyes, you’d be a farmer or a field worker and would serve the light eyed people. The beginning of the book, the king was assassinated, and for the rest of the book it kind of shows how the people picked up the pieces after his death. His son, who became king after his dads death, became paranoid and trusted little to know one. The new king caused a lot of problems through the book, though he isn’t a main character, the choices he makes, makes the lives of others a lot harder.

I love this book! It is by far my favorite book. Brandon Sanderson has a way with writing that pulls you in. It is a long book but once you start reading it the more you can’t stop. He added conflicts and action everywhere in the book that helps to keep you interested. I felt I was there with the characters and you share their same emotions. I didn’t think I would like it but I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did. 10/10 recommend.