Blog Post #4: Short Story      (Go to this website and then download the short story ¨Son of the Old World¨

This story is about a boy who goes north and basically creates the world.  He creates the sun, and the flowers. He creates the moon, and the stars.   He talks about how he feels like he missed his childhood, but all of this was so much greater.  I think the theme of this story is that happiness trumps all.  The beautiful earth he created is much better than the childhood he would have had.   Some of the cultural items mentioned in this story is the capital, and how he travels north to the mountains.  They also refer the child to god.

Blog post #3: News article

In this news article, it talks about how the eagle hunting traditions are dying, and there is only about 60 left.  This tradition started dying down when the eagles also started dying down.  The contemporary issue is that the jobs in the city pay more for the men, and the job is left for young girls.  The problem with this is that it is not a job that young girls what to take on.

This is effecting their country because the tradition will be gone in about a generation.  This tradition has been around for many years.  With it disappearing,  it will take away part of their culture. This doesn’t necessarily effect us directly, but it will effect their country.  The eagles may also over populate because there wont be anyone hunting them.

Post #2: Background Information

Mongolia is located in central Asia, by Russia and China. The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, which also means “Red Hero.”  About 45% of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar. The country has a very young and very sparse.  More than 70% of the population is under the age of 30 years old.  There is only about 2.6 million people that live in Mongolia. Another major city in Mongolia is Orkhon.  This city has a significantly lower population than the capital.  The Orkhon river is located here.  The UNESCO World Heritage Center is also in Orkhon.  Mongolia’s main language spoken is Khalkhan Mongolian.  90% of the population speaks this language. result for mongolia flag

Post #1: Introduction

I have selected the country Mongolia.  I chose this country because i don’t know much about it, and i’m interested in learning more about it.  I am expecting to learn about the people in the country, and the culture.  I also want to learn about traditions, and the geographics of the country. I want to know what this country is like, and what tourists like to do there.   

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