Lit Circle #2: Final Project Personal Response

Image result for six of crowsI was in charge of finding songs for the Characters in Six of Crows. I chose to do four of the six main characters, Kaz, Inej, Matthias and Nina. I picked Sound of madness by Shinedown for Kaz because I felt like it really described his character. He suffered as a child, but he learned to survive because of it. This was essential to the story because it really captures his character. I felt the same way about Stronger on Your Own by Disturbed for Inej for the same reasons. Both of the songs I picked for Matthias and Nina describe their relationship with each other, and this help to understand the tension and backgrounds better, and therefor the story. One thing I loved about the novel was the way the different characters interacted with each other. There was mystery in their hidden pasts, and some fought with each other, some laughed together, and all of them interacted together in ways that made the book interesting to read. The soundtrack assignment was actually really fun, I enjoyed how it helped to to understand and characterized the people in the novel. The one thing I hated about the novel was the way it ended. I was expecting the ending to a novel, so something conclusive, but I was met with a lead in to a series I did not know existed. Now I have to read the rest to understand and find out what happened, even though I do not see how this story could go anywhere. I was sad Inej rejected Kaz, and angry that they were refused their reward.

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Book Show and Tell: Lady Midnight

Front CoverThe book I chose for this book show and tell was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. It is the first book in the third shadowhunter series, called the Dark Artifacts. I have already loved the other two series, Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. In this book, there is a lot going on. The main characters, Julian and Emma, are a parabati pair, together forever at a team but forbidden to love each other. Emma is obsessed over finding the real reason for her parents murders, and Julian has his hands full running an institute, and both are only 17 years old. With an unknown threat lurking, these two will face family problems, political issues, betrayal, danger and mystery, all while fighting demons as their duty as shadowhunters and under the looming watch of a corrupt government. This adventure is very thrilling, it draws you in and you will not be able to put the book down. Though reading the other series adds some context, you do not have to to understand the plot of the book. I absolutely loved this book and the next in the series, Lord of Shadows. The characters were full of life and personality, especially Julian’s siblings, and their different goals and outlooks shape the course of the book. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves long reads full of fantasy and surprising plot twists. 10/10 is a really good read.

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blog post#4: Connector

I felt like this picture defiantly related to the whole book. It is kind of what I imagined Mg. Thanes office having. They are neat and orderly, in every color. They would be perfect for Folding cute animals or interesting shapes and spells. It is just so thematically perfect for the book I can just see Mg. Thane and Ceony walking in for a lesson.




This picture (or the book in the picture) I felt was very relevant to the text because it makes me think of the book Ceony read on anatomy that inspired her to make the paper heart that saved Mg. Thanes life. Anatomy is very important to the story with the excisioners and their flesh magic and I can picture Ceony curled up on her bed reading this book and wondering why Mg. Thane assigned it to her.






This picture reminded me of the illusions that the paper magicians can make. Like the one that disguises Mg. Thanes house or the one Ceony makes at the beginning of the third book (the one like the jungle). This scene is made of large pieces of paper and just felt so thematically appropriate I had to capture it to show how it connects the book.




The conflict came together very nicely at the end, I loved the way the book was resolved but left room for the author to continue writing the rest of the series. The events would definitely not be believable in today’s world but in the fantasy of storybooks the event go along quite nicely. I like the end, she seemed on the verge of losing but miraculously pulled it off at the end with the help of strange magic.

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Blog post #3 The series project

Image result for mistborn

I am going to read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. I chose this series because my brother recommended it to me (by insisting over and over again that I have to read it) and because I recently finished the Reckoners series (Steelheart, Firefight and Calamity) by him and I absolutely lived it. I have not yet started but I plan to read the first book during fall break, Then hopefully finish the other two in the two weeks following fall break, possibly finishing by the end of October, depending on other books I am reading and the availability of the books.

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Blog Post #2: Who is Steelheart?

The small boy darted through the alleyway, trying to make his way through to the slums. the sunlight was hazy and orange, coming through a layer of smog and dust, lending strange shadows to the buildings and streets. The back streets of Chicago were dangerous at the best of times, and a ten year old boy was an easy target for pickpockets and thugs, but he was used to avoiding the worst of the trouble. He looked over his shoulder to check for followers, and when he turned back ahead  three boys had stepped into the alley, blocking the path. They were at least four years older than him and twice his size. He sighed inwardly, these boys were unavoidable. No matter how hard he tried, they always found him. Knowing what was they would ask for and the consequences of refusing, the boy pulled out a single dollar from the heavy backpack that swung on his shoulders. Trembling with fear and heavy with resignation, he handed it over before the boys could say a word. All this passed in what seemed like complete silence, though the city thrummed with noise, cars honking, people yelling, advertisements playing, he heard none of it over the pounding in his ears. The largest boy reached forward to take it, still silent. Maybe today will be the day, He thought, unable to smother the small flicker of hope. Both boys stared at the dollar, tension shimmering in the air. “The sales were down today. Nobody needs to buy newspapers from the paper boy if they can just see the news on the internet.” The smaller boy said, feeling a glimmer of pride that his voice did not waver. The larger boy gave his a hard stare, something like false sadness on his face. “I thought we were over these little games kid” he said with that same phony pity in his voice, “I thought we were friends.” Despite the situation, the smaller kid had to suppress a snort, had never been close to anything that could be considered even friendly, yet he said the same thing every day. I thought we were friends. “Search him” he snapped to the other two boys, who had been standing as still and silent as statues. They rushed the smaller boy, who knew there Image result for steelheart bookwas no escape, as the familiar helplessness enfolded him, the two boys yanked his backpack to the ground, ripping it open and spilling newspapers everywhere. They tore at each one until a ten dollar bill fell to the ground. Snatching it and laughing, they left the kid to clean up the ruined newspapers, salvage what he could, and trudge the rest of the way home. He found his way to his apartment, a dirty, tiny two room on the ground floor in the slums. Shrugging off his backpack at the door, he made his way to his mothers room. The room was empty except for a small wood bed frame with a threadbare mattress, on which his mother lay threadbare curtains hung over dirty windows, blocking out the light and making him squint to see her. He gazed at his her with tenderness,  though she was sick and frail looking on the dirty bed, he remembered the mother than ran and played with him, that taught him how to read and bandaged his scraped knees as a child. Widowed when the boy was only five, she had provided for him the best he could until she had fallen ill two years ago. Now, he did his best to provide for her, though there were not many ways to earn money when you were as young as he was. She looked back at him with tired eyes, until her thin frame shook with coughing and shivered with cold, though the room was warm. He reached for another blanket and lay it over her. He took care of her, and she loved him, the only one in this world who did. “How was it today?” she said, her thin voice quavering. he smiled at her and reaching down to his shoe, he pulled a five dollar out of his sock. “Well enough” he said,  “We will have food to eat tonight” he said, not mentioning that he should have brought home triple that amount, he did not want to make her worry. “My brave boy” she whispered her voice almost failing, “You work to hard for me, when I should be taking care of you. You are so strong for your age.” He smiled, but it was filled with sadness. He wanted more for his mother, for himself. He stayed by her bed until she fell asleep, then crept quietly into the kitchen to rummage around their measly pantry for dinner, then fall asleep on the single couch in their tiny living room. He did not know then that they had only days left together, that his mother would die of sickness in the night, with him crying by her bedside, whispering her last words in his ear. he cried for days, helpless, always he had felt helpless, unsure what to do now that he was alone in the world.

10 years later

The same boy, now a tall, thin man of twenty, walked through the slums again with his head down. He had finished his work for the day and been almost paid well for it, a fifty dollar bill was tucked into his sock, where he still hid his money. He had found a friend in those long years, and they lived together now, paying rent together in a tiny apartment nearly as dingy as his childhood home. It was a good companionship, he and his friend lived together comfortably, saving their combined money and planning for they day when they would be able to move into a real house.  He was almost happy, though the hopelessness of his situation still nagged at the back of his mind, for he had no education and earned very little money saving even less. He could not shake the feeling that this fragile happiness would soon shatter. Shaking himself out of his dark thoughts, he made it home, as he walked inside his friend greeted him warmly. They ate dinner together, watching the news and discussing the days events, before falling asleep in the apartments two twin beds. This was the way of his life and he had accepted that.

His eyes flew open, certain he had heard a noise in the silence. He looked around and saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. His friend, fully dressed for travel with a backpack in his hands, was shoving both of their belonging in it as quietly as possible. He watched, waiting to see what his friend was up to, too tired to comprehend what was really going on. Then his friend reached under the false floorboard where they kept both of their life savings, it was a measly amount and he wondered abstractly how he ever thought it would be enough for a house someday, but it was the most money he had ever owned. Putting his money in the bag, his friend reached for the door with one last glance around the room, starting as he noticed his roommate sitting upright, gazing at him with confusion. Both of them froze, and as the seconds ticked by, confusion made way for comprehension, then for a blazing anger. “You’re leaving” he said, it was not a question but a statement, filled with a mix of emotions, anger, sadness and betrayal. “Yes” his friend stated, determination audible in his tone. “I hope buy my own place, for I am soon going to get married.” He paused, “I never told you I was seeing someone, and for that I am sorry, but I never meant for it to be serious, and then I did not want you to spoil my plans” Anger filled the betrayed roommate, he was being left alone again, with his money and most of his belongings stolen by the one person he trusted. He made to lunge off the bed at his former friend, but halted as his friend drew a gun on him. He was  not even aware his friend owned a gun, and had no clue where he would have gotten it from. Frozen with fear and betrayal, he listened as his friend spoke “You were a fool to entrust everything to me, I am not made for this kind of life. I am going to make a better place for myself and my fiancee in this world, but I cannot do it with my money alone. So I tricked you with dreams of hope and happiness, tricked you into earning my money for me. For this I must thank you, though I no longer need your help. Good bye, Friend” That final word echoed in the betrayed friends ears, bringing memories of a different time I thought we were friends. Rage blocked out all reason, and he jumped at his friend, heedless of the gun, naively thinking his friend did not had it in him to shoot. A deafening noise filled the apartment, and he was suddenly the ground, too in shock to feel pain.  This is it. he thought, that ever present helplessness pressing down on him in full force. He looked up at his friend, and was surprised to find his own shock mirrored in his friend expression. His head slowly cleared, and he realized that he did not feel any pain. He looked down at his chest in wonder. A small hole was torn in the chest of his pajama shirt, and yet he was unharmed. His friend looked fearful, trembling where he stood, still holding the gun limply at his side. He raised it and shot again, once, twice, three times, emptying the chamber, and yet nothing happened, he remained unharmed, still feeling no pain. Anger and triumph built in his mind, until he felt he could no longer contain it. His mothers last words echoed in his ears, Always have a heart of steel my son, so that none may ever break it. The building emotions shot out from him, his hands glowing with yellow light, and struck his former friend. When the light faded, there was nothing left but ashes, falling to the ground with the scattered cash. bills floating around the room like a storm of broken promises. He looked down, startled to find that the ground around him had changed, looking shiny in the dimness. He leaned down and hesitantly touched it, and realized everything had turned to metal where he stood,  the floor reflecting the rising suns glow, metal dollars forever crumpled into twisted shapes. Steel he thought, I have survived bullets and turned the ground to steel. A grin spread across his face, an evil glint appearing in his eye. He would never be hurt by any weapon, by any emotion again. Have a heart of steel his mother had said. A heart of steel. Steelheart.

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Blog Post #1: My Reading Habits

Image result for book heartI first learned to read in school. I have always loved reading, and I used to make my parents read to me every night. As a child I loved picture books, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia, which my dad would read to me and my brother before bed. However, I did not learn to read on my own until I went to school. Some of my all time favorite series include Inheritance, Harry Potter, The Selection, Bloodlines, The Infernal Devices and Micheal Vey. I have always preferred series to novels, but some of my favorite novels are The Giver, Les Miserables, Edenbrook, and the Count Of Monte Cristo. I have always loved to read on the floor. There is just something about stretching out on the carpet that I love, especially in the front room of my house where we have carpet that is about 2 inches thick. I also love reading on the couch. I will read anywhere, in any position, as long as there is a book in my hand. I love to read fantasy, science fiction and romance, but I have books that I like in every genre. I prefer to read one book at a time, though during the school year I usually end up reading two or three, one for pleasure, one for my next book report, and sometimes one that we are reading as a class. left to my own devices, I really only like to be reading one thing at a time, if I stop to start reading something else, I will probably never remember to return to reading that book.  I love to read books with well developed story lines and generally well developed universes.

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Book show and tell: The False Prince

Image result for the false prince Synopsis: After the deaths of the Carthyan royal family, Conner, a lower ranking nobleman, forms a devious plan to save the country from war and upheaval, He will train a young boy to take the place of the lost prince Jaron. Sage, an orphan boy stealing to survive a cruel orphanage, is selected to compete with four other boys to see who can convincingly take the place of the lost price, and the throne. However, this game turns out to be just as dangerous as sage suspects, and each boy ends up not only competing for the throne, but maybe for their lives as well.

Review: This book was exciting and full of twists and turns. The story line is unpredictable but engaging.  The reader sympathizes with what looks like a near hopeless situation and the threat of a looming deadline, the protagonist pulls through seemingly impossible situations. The writing style is mysterious, the author often hints at event going on, or else tells the actions of our hero without stating the reasons or the significance. Though Sage is not the typical version of hero you would expect in an adventure -type novel, the audience cant help but support him all the same. The only drawback is the problems faced by the main character are not relatable to the audience, no teen these days is participating in an intense competition to become the next king of a country on the brink of war, however the story is still engaging.  Overall, the book was and interesting read, one that I would highly recommend to my peers.

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