Book show and tell: The False Prince

Image result for the false prince Synopsis: After the deaths of the Carthyan royal family, Conner, a lower ranking nobleman, forms a devious plan to save the country from war and upheaval, He will train a young boy to take the place of the lost prince Jaron. Sage, an orphan boy stealing to survive a cruel orphanage, is selected to compete with four other boys to see who can convincingly take the place of the lost price, and the throne. However, this game turns out to be just as dangerous as sage suspects, and each boy ends up not only competing for the throne, but maybe for their lives as well.

Review: This book was exciting and full of twists and turns. The story line is unpredictable but engaging.  The reader sympathizes with what looks like a near hopeless situation and the threat of a looming deadline, the protagonist pulls through seemingly impossible situations. The writing style is mysterious, the author often hints at event going on, or else tells the actions of our hero without stating the reasons or the significance. Though Sage is not the typical version of hero you would expect in an adventure -type novel, the audience cant help but support him all the same. The only drawback is the problems faced by the main character are not relatable to the audience, no teen these days is participating in an intense competition to become the next king of a country on the brink of war, however the story is still engaging.  Overall, the book was and interesting read, one that I would highly recommend to my peers.

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