Blog Post #1: My Reading Habits

Image result for book heartI first learned to read in school. I have always loved reading, and I used to make my parents read to me every night. As a child I loved picture books, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia, which my dad would read to me and my brother before bed. However, I did not learn to read on my own until I went to school. Some of my all time favorite series include Inheritance, Harry Potter, The Selection, Bloodlines, The Infernal Devices and Micheal Vey. I have always preferred series to novels, but some of my favorite novels are The Giver, Les Miserables, Edenbrook, and the Count Of Monte Cristo. I have always loved to read on the floor. There is just something about stretching out on the carpet that I love, especially in the front room of my house where we have carpet that is about 2 inches thick. I also love reading on the couch. I will read anywhere, in any position, as long as there is a book in my hand. I love to read fantasy, science fiction and romance, but I have books that I like in every genre. I prefer to read one book at a time, though during the school year I usually end up reading two or three, one for pleasure, one for my next book report, and sometimes one that we are reading as a class. left to my own devices, I really only like to be reading one thing at a time, if I stop to start reading something else, I will probably never remember to return to reading that book.  I love to read books with well developed story lines and generally well developed universes.

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