Taiwan Reflection.

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Taiwan Reflection.

Me and my partner that studied Taiwan have nether been to Taiwan, or have any family or connections to it so everything we learned was new and we found really interesting.  I enjoyed studying and reading tales and short stories from Taiwan because I found a big interest in the way they thought, also we were able to learn a lot about the culture and ways they lived years and years ago. I was also able to see how different everything is from Taiwan and here in the United States.  The stories taught us more than any other research we did and that is because we were able to see the life from just any average person and the way they thought and viewed their country.  They were also able to talk about their culture and not just what it was but what it meant to them and how big of a part it played in their life.  Although Taiwan is an amazing country we are very grateful to have everything we do and to be blessed with our way of life.  Taiwan is developed and they say the life there is very fun and convenient with happy positive people but it is still not as good as we have it in the U.S with all the growth and technology we have going on.  We both came into this project thinking Taiwan was a little run down country that is always struggling to make life good for their people but it turns out we were wrong.  Taiwan is an amazing country and I would love to visit it and meet the people and see what it is like in person and not just behind books and computer screens.

post #2 Background information

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Just a lil background on Taiwan:)

Taiwan became its independent country on January 1st 1912.  And as of today they have a population of twenty three point 4 million (23.4 million). The capital of Taiwan is Taipei with a population of 2.7 (as of 2016).  Along with that a few of the major citys in Taiwan are Taiching with a population of 2.8 million, Tainan with a lower population of 1.0 million and lastly Hsinchu with a population of 430,000 thousand.  Their is mainly one language spoken in Taiwan and that is just the Standard Mandarin.  Taiwan is a country that is held together by its culture that studies Yiaiandao but also by all the religions.  A few of the main religions are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.  Following that there are the smaller religions like Christianity, Mormonism and Islam.  A few things to know if you will be traveling to Taiwan is that you would want to get your vaccines up to date and get a rabies shot.  Also be sure to be really careful drinking any tap water.  If you do its best to boil or clear it out.


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In our Legend “The Legend Of the Muddy River” their is an old man who works on a farm by himself out in the boondocks.  One day he saw a snow leopard jump into a near by bush.  It had caught a little rabbit and began trying to eat it.  The farmer hurried over and hit the leopard with his hoe and then it began running off in pain.  The little rabbit was no longer white, it was covered in blood and badly injured.  The old man did all he could to get its health bad before he sent it on her way.

Days later the old man was out working in the hot sun when he said “Wouldn’t it be a nice treat if I could have some sweet&sour fruits to quench my thirst”.  He later heard a voice that gave him a purple bead he needed to plant in order to grow the fruits he wanted.  After planting the bead he went inside to a lady in a white dress.  Figuring out this lady happen to be the bunny he saved a few days previous.  They lived together farming and cleaning together.  Then one day the lady in the white dress got taken and the man went looking after her & got her back.  The men who took her chased them back and they ran through the river and from that day the river became muddy.

This legend shows how one little act can go a long ways and help very much later on.  From the old man saving the bunny he got so many life long blessings that changed his life.  They are very big into farming and eating only what they plant and not hurting animals for food. 

News article-Taiwan

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Taiwan Feels Forgotten. But Not By Trump.



Basically the title sums it up.  This article looks very good for us and shows a positive thing that trump did.  Taiwan hasn’t had contact with any American President since at least 1979.  So no wonder they are feeling left out and forgotten.  Trump and Ms. Tsai had a phone call but they say it was very limited.  But from this it is the first time in years this island of 23 million are making headlines around the world.  And because of all that they decided to celebrate because they usually feel abandon and ignored.  China and bejing are growing in wealth and structure but they chip at Taiwan when they have the fifth largest economy in Asia.  And not only that, they cant even accept Olympic metals under its own flag or preferred name.  While all this is happening the US is trying to maintain a careful balancing act in its relations with Taiwan.  Meanwhile the U.S’s relationship is fragile and has to constantly be nurtured to prevent any crisis.  And then in the end it says “It is, by contrast, far more difficult for China to retaliate against the United States without harming itself in the process.”.


Taiwan-Short Story.

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5 Unlikely things Taiwanese People Wear On Their Heads.


We chose this as our short story because it caught our attention right from the title.  First by saying “weird”. Because what we may think is totally not normal and weird could be something they do everyday and don’t think anything weird of it.  Anyways, our story talks about is things they do on the daily that we may notice is weird if anyone did it here.  They do different things like put a rag or cloth around their head because if they sweat it can’t get on there head because its not good for them to have wet skin.  Also they wear lens free specs because they want there eyes to look bigger in pictures.  Lastly the thing that stood out to me was their fashion.  They are always trying to keep up with Asia and all the other big countries that they get a lot of travelers from.

Taiwan blog.

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Me and Trey Soper have the Country Taiwan.  I left it up to Trey to chose the country because I couldn’t make it to class that day and he decided the last one left was the best and now we have the beautiful country Taiwan.  A few things we are expecting is that it will be completely different from good ole Lehi Utah.  Their will be a different couture and a whole new way of living.  It will be good for us to see the way things are different around the world and we are excited to learn about the culture, religions, the appearance and lastly the food and how it is different from us.

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