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Just a lil background on Taiwan:)

Taiwan became its independent country on January 1st 1912.  And as of today they have a population of twenty three point 4 million (23.4 million). The capital of Taiwan is Taipei with a population of 2.7 (as of 2016).  Along with that a few of the major citys in Taiwan are Taiching with a population of 2.8 million, Tainan with a lower population of 1.0 million and lastly Hsinchu with a population of 430,000 thousand.  Their is mainly one language spoken in Taiwan and that is just the Standard Mandarin.  Taiwan is a country that is held together by its culture that studies Yiaiandao but also by all the religions.  A few of the main religions are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.  Following that there are the smaller religions like Christianity, Mormonism and Islam.  A few things to know if you will be traveling to Taiwan is that you would want to get your vaccines up to date and get a rabies shot.  Also be sure to be really careful drinking any tap water.  If you do its best to boil or clear it out.

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