Taiwan Reflection.

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Taiwan Reflection.

Me and my partner that studied Taiwan have nether been to Taiwan, or have any family or connections to it so everything we learned was new and we found really interesting.  I enjoyed studying and reading tales and short stories from Taiwan because I found a big interest in the way they thought, also we were able to learn a lot about the culture and ways they lived years and years ago. I was also able to see how different everything is from Taiwan and here in the United States.  The stories taught us more than any other research we did and that is because we were able to see the life from just any average person and the way they thought and viewed their country.  They were also able to talk about their culture and not just what it was but what it meant to them and how big of a part it played in their life.  Although Taiwan is an amazing country we are very grateful to have everything we do and to be blessed with our way of life.  Taiwan is developed and they say the life there is very fun and convenient with happy positive people but it is still not as good as we have it in the U.S with all the growth and technology we have going on.  We both came into this project thinking Taiwan was a little run down country that is always struggling to make life good for their people but it turns out we were wrong.  Taiwan is an amazing country and I would love to visit it and meet the people and see what it is like in person and not just behind books and computer screens.

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