Book Declaration Term 3



For this term, I have chosen to read, “Five Feet Apart”, written by Rachael Lippincott. This book was published in 2018 by CBS Films, Inc. I chose this book because I have watched the movie and it is really good. There are 276 pages. The main character is Stella.

Rachael Lippincott wrote “Five Feet Apart”. She wrote it in Philadelphia in 2018. She holds a BA in English writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She writes and runs a food truck with her partner.

Five Feet Apart is about a girl named Stella who has a disease called CF and she cant touch anyone who also has the disease. She has to stay 6 feet apart from anyone who has the sameĀ  disease. She meets another boy named Will who also has the disease and starts to fall in love with him. Throughout the book they have to try and stay 6 feet apart. Stella has been going to the hospital her whole life and ever since the first time, she has been there with her best friend Poe who also has a bad disease. I think that Stella and Will, will get closer than 6 feet apart.

Five Feet Apart has 276 pages so I should read about 15 pages each night to be able to finish it.

Book Declaration Term 2

For this term I have chosen to read the book, The Probable Future, written by Alice Hoffman. It was published in 2003 by The Random House Publishing Group. I chose to read this book because it sounded like a really interesting book and it had characters that are my age. There are 322 pages in, The Probable Future. The main characters are the three Sparrow daughters, Elinor, Jenny, and Stella. The Probable Future was written by Alice Hoffman in 2003.

Alice Hoffman was born on March 16, 1952 and is an American novelist. One of her books was adapted for a 1998 film. The Probable Future is about three daughters who were all born in March, and at the age of 13 each develops an unusual gift.

Stella is the daughter of Jenny who will also get and unusual gift when she turns 13. The unusual gifts are weird things like, Stella can see how people will die. Elinor can smell a lie and Jenny can see people’s dreams. I am excited to read this book and see what will happen throughout the book. I predict that somehow people will find out that they have their unusual gifts. The Probable future has 322 pages so I will need to read about 8 pages every day to be able to finish the book by, December 6th.

Setting in The Unteachables

I’m reading, “The Unteachables” by Gordan Korman. Gordan Korman is a Canadian author he has written over 80 novels and has sold more than 28 million copies. The book is set at, Greenwich Middle School. It’s about a student named, Kiana Roubini, she just moved, and is going to a new school.

She ends up getting the wrong schedule and gets in the Unteachables class with Mr. Kermit. Two times the setting has changed Kiana is when, she was so excited to go to school but when she gets the wrong schedule she is not very excited anymore. Another time is when she wasn’t enjoying the class but makes new friends and ends up liking the class.

She is a smart girl but gets in the class with the unbehaved students. Some of her friends in the Unteachable class is, Parker Elias, he is the first person that she met at Greenwich middle school. Another one of her friends is, Meteo Hedrickson. Kiana’s teacher, Mr. Kermit doesn’t really pay attention to the class, he just drinks his coffee and works on crossword puzzles. The class is crazy in the first part of the book but later they start to realize that they need to pay attention. I haven’t finished reading the book yet but I think that Kiana will end up getting the right schedule and get to go all the right classes.

Book Declaration Term 1

For this term, I have chosen to read, “The Unteachables,” written by, Gordan Korman. This book was published in, 2019 by Balzer and Bray. I chose to read this book because the main characters are my age and in junior high.

This book is about a 14 year old student named Kiana, and she is going to a new school but gets the wrong schedule and ends upĀ  in the unteachable class. She tries to get out of the class but they wont let her cause they think she has the right schedule. Their teacher, Mr. Kermit doesn’t pay attention to the class. He just drinks his coffee and does his crossword puzzles.

The author of this book is Gordan Korman. The book was written in the United States of America. Gordan Korman has been writing books for almost his whole life. He is a canadian author and has sold more than 28 million books through out his career. He has also been number one on the New York times best selling list.

The basic plot about this book is about a group of kids who end up in the Unteachables class. They all end up in their cause they are all misfits and really hard to teach. I think that in the end the main character, Kiana will get the right schedule and get to go to the right classes. This book has 279 pages in it and if I read at least 13 pages everyday than I will be able to finish it.

All About Me 2019

My name is Hannah and i’m in 8th grade I love dancing. I’m on a competition team at Dance Showcase. My favorite color is any pastel color. My favorite animal is either an elephant or a pig. My favorite food is pasta and my favorite candy is caramel m and ms. My favorite activities are traveling, hiking, and swimming. My favorite season is either summer or fall and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I have three pets. I have a dog and he is a shar pei and I also have 2 bunnies.