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 FULL DISCLOSURE; I was absent the day we went and took pictures with our groups, therefore I do not have any, instead I will summarize the book. Six Of Crows is a book about 6 teenagers, Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, Nina Zenik, Wylan Van Eck, Jesper Fahey, and Matthias Helvar. All have similar characteristics but different backgrounds and skills. The team are assembled to pull off a heist, one that was brought first to Kaz’s attention, to kidnap Bo Yul-Buyer from Ice Court. Complete it and they are promised a large amount of cash, but they aren’t the only ones after the prize. To get to Bo, they must first break into the prison without getting caught, from then on they will each need to use their individual skills to pull off the heist as a team, without getting caught.

Blog post #4

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 FULL DISCLOSURE; I was absent this day, so I will be summarizing the book. Before I fall is a book about a young teenage girl named Samantha. Samantha & her friends are part of the snobby popular girls at school, and like most popular girls,  they’re very mean ones. Sam and her friends decide to go to a party & drink one night. A girl named Julia was at the party, someone the girl group was not a fan of, and Sam and her friends tease and taunt this girl all night. Her friend driving, Lindsay, decides it would be a good idea to drive home after drinking. As they are driving home, an accident happens & everyone “dies” but doesn’t. Sam wakes up the next morning, only it is the same morning the day of the accident. What happened? Was last night real? Sam goes throughout her day repeating everything, and does so for a few more days, until she realizes what is truly wrong & knows she has to do something within herself to stop it all for good.

Book Show & Tell 2

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 The book I chose to do was “Columbine” by Dave Cullen. In this book, the author goes into third person through all the files and documents of the tragic event that happened at Columbine high school in Littleton, Colorado, April 20th 1999. It is a very graphic, very content full book that covers the mass murder detail for detail, and talks about the shooters, their crimes on the students, and the aftermath of it all. If you want a deeper look into the mass shooting, I highly recommend this book. If you enjoy reading non fiction, books on crime, or documentaries then this book is for you. I chose this book because I enjoy learning about the specific topic, it really peaked my interest. It is an easy read, but it is long with almost 450 pages to read, split up into sections throughout. I recommend reading it if you are a young/ older adult, as the content is very detailed and very graphic.

Blog Post #5 All The Pretties

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 I think book covers are super important, in both a good and bad sense. They can show us the reader what we are about to dive into, and they can also spoil or ruin the entire story. Book covers are a good idea, but a risk for readers. Books without covers can mislead us or send us on a mystery about the book. The saying “never judge a book by it’s cover” is a great way to think of things when reading. Don’t put a book down based on it’s looks! Though, if the book is not properly cared for, and is dirty or mistreated, it may mean that it wasn’t worth reading in the first place, sadly.

The book The Six Of Crows cover was a weird one to me, it showed me the story would be just as interesting as the cover is. I definitely didn’t put the book down because of it, I still gave it a chance! I felt it was a good read, definitely one based on a younger reading audience. It dealt with a lot of things I myself knew how to relate too, the kids in the story were all my age group. I definitely think it was a good choice, and a great read!

Literature Circle Presentation for Before I Fall – Characters

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Samantha Kingston is the main character in the book. She starts out as being Lindsay’s best friend, ever since 7th grade. Samantha, also likes to go as “Sam” is not particularly the prettiest one in the group, but she is just as popular as her other friends in the group. Sam starts the book out as being the mean girl to people at school, her and her friends constantly teasing girls that have no issue other than being around the popular group. Sam has a little sister named Izzy who is always annoying her, and a hard relationship to maintain with her mother, the average high school girl life. She finds herself constantly getting in trouble throughout the book.

Lindsay Edgecombe is Samantha’s best friend and seen as the leader of the popular group. She is seen as the most prettiest one, and is the meanest. Her parents were divorced when she was younger, and has seemed to take her hidden anger from that and other thinks out on other people, instead of ever facing what is wrong. She is the queen bee of the school and can find herself getting away with just about anything. Lindsay is known to making dumb decisions, and makes big ones along with Sam throughout the book.

Elody is the one friend of the group with the fun and outgoing one in the group. She is dating Steve, and everyone believed Elody is the nicest of all the girls, not a nice girl, but the nicest popular girl. She has a care free attitude, and sometimes it is too fun to the point that it eventually gets the girl in trouble a lot throughout the book.

Kent Mcfuller is the sweet boy in class who is helplessly in love with Sam, who does not acknowledge it because of how unpopular he is compared to her. He sends her a rose on Cupids Day that she does not appreciate receiving, but he throws a party that has a major part throughout the book. Sam eventually gives her guard up after how hard she notices how hard he tries to get her to notice him. He is just the cute nerdy boy after the pretty popular girl.

Juliet Skyes is a pretty, but ‘weird’ girl at school that the group likes to pick on the most. She is just as important in the book as Samantha is. She is not part of the popular girl group and was called “psycho” and “mellow yellow” constantly. She attends the same party the girls do, and from then on does all the trouble begin to happen for all the girls.


I really enjoyed the book, I liked that it fit well with my age group and with current issues on bullying and high school popularity. It cam across strong points about how your life doesn’t depend on you being mean, and your actions have a lot more consequences than you may think. The last thing I ever saw related to this was Mean Girls, I feel they share the same values and the same message throughout the book, choose your friends wisely and don’t let popularity take over your head in high school.

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The series I chose to do is Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. I first ever fell absolutely in love with the first book in 8th grade, 4 years ago! Ever since then I read every other book that Ransom Riggs has published, Hollow City (which I first finished at the end of 9th grade, towards the start of 10th.) and the last book in the series, Library of Souls (which I am very close with finishing it, I have been reading it at home and so far I am absolutely impressed with how Ransom can hold the story line so well, he hasn’t done any major changes and keeps the readers on their toes for sure!) I am a super fan of this book series, honestly. It is the first series that wasn’t ruined for me and I got to read it on my own time and find out what will happen all on my own without any spoilers. I haven’t even seen the movie, because I heard it is so terrible and it ruined the series for some people, I really do not want it to ruin my favorite series for me! I feel it became my favorite because I started reading it when it was first on the market, and I fell in love with the new weirdness that this book series holds. <3

Blog #2 Steelhearts backstory.

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It all began when he was growing up. He never wanted to be like this, but he didn’t deserve such a childhood. He lived in a small town outside of London, UK. His mother was never around much, and he knew he had siblings, but they went with his dad when he was just younger than a year old. As you can imagine, his imagination is pretty extraordinary to say nonetheless. Streets were always wet, to someone like you or I would just see them as wet streets or even a way of life. To Steelheart, if there was a leaf and a stick, it was as if the streets were different oceans in the world, and he was sailing all of them. He really did have a mind of his own. Steelheart never fit in with any of the children his age. He really did spend his life all alone. People that know of Steelheart to this day have the philosophy that because he didn’t have a “normal experience” at all growing up, without going to a normal high school, let alone not having your own mother in your life, he had so much anger built up inside of him. Slowly developing while he was growing up, he ended finding the thing that helps him cope with all of the anger, evil.

Blog post #1

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Growing up, I had an older sister who LOVES to read, and I would always watch her and how she would light up every time she read something that she either liked a lot, or just really enjoyed. When I got to about middle school, I started reading all of the books that she was assigned to through high school, and I found that I enjoyed them a lot, too! She is the one that helped me to learn how to read when I was younger, she would sit in the room with my twin brother and I, and would just read all the books in the room that we could understand and follow along with her.

My favorite book is “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. I enjoy this book because it fits all of the characteristics I like to read. I enjoy mainly phenomenons and things that either have a twist, or a surprise ending. Even though I only am capable of reading one book at a time, I feel like I tend to finish a book very quickly.

I am excited for this class mainly for the great teacher, the new b00ks I will be introduced to, and the new friends I will make along the way! 🙂

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