¬†FULL DISCLOSURE; I was absent this day, so I will be summarizing the book. Before I fall is a book about a young teenage girl named Samantha. Samantha & her friends are part of the snobby popular girls at school, and like most popular girls, ¬†they’re very mean ones. Sam and her friends decide to go to a party & drink one night. A girl named Julia was at the party, someone the girl group was not a fan of, and Sam and her friends tease and taunt this girl all night. Her friend driving, Lindsay, decides it would be a good idea to drive home after drinking. As they are driving home, an accident happens & everyone “dies” but doesn’t. Sam wakes up the next morning, only it is the same morning the day of the accident. What happened? Was last night real? Sam goes throughout her day repeating everything, and does so for a few more days, until she realizes what is truly wrong & knows she has to do something within herself to stop it all for good.

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