The main character in my book Princess in The Spotlight is Mia’s mom . A major character defined in literature is defined as a character that  is central to the development and resolution of the story’s conflict.  Most of the action has mainly happened around the major or main character.  The sidekicks in my book is Mia’s sister Lilian , because when ever Mia asks her questions Lilian will always tell her the honest truth.

Also the major character is Mia. And she doe not want her grandma to plan Mia’s mom a suprise wedding , but Mia does not think her mom will like it. So Mia is trying to stop her grandma from planning the suprise wedding.

The minor character is is Mr. Gianini , because he is important but doesn’t move the plot. The definition for minor character is the one that is focused on the storyline, but appears or is mentioned in the story enough to be more than a minor character.

The antigonist is Mia’s because Mia’s mom is getting married and her grandma is planning a secret wedding that only Mia knows about it, but Mia doesn’t think her mom will like it. So Mia is trying to stop her grandma.  The antigonist is a character or many character, institution that stand in or represents opposition against which the protagonist  must contend.  Also there is no nemesis in this book.