Parent Teacher Conference

Dear mom and dad,

I am reading Princess in The Spotlight for my book report.  The page I am on now is 75, she says that is pretty good, I am reading a page every minute.  My teacher says that is about 13-15 pages every class period. Our book report is due in 24 days, that means I need to read about 6 pages every day to finish it, but I’m probably going to read about 10 pages every day so that I would finish sooner.  This is the link to my Blog post I have just barley finished, It is about the book that I am reading right now, and that I am also ready for my book report.

During class, I am often helpful to others around me, because I help people that need help, I sometimes raise my hand. I am also willing to learn new things. I am not a distraction in this class. We fill out papers in class and if I don’t know how to do it then I ask someone to help me figure it out. Also is my neighbor needs help then I help them.

I am planning on getting a’s in this class and I already have an a in this class, and I also talk to her about my grades in I don’t have a good grade in this class.   

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