book review #2.1 – the help by kathryn stockett

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How it starts: it introduces the main character aibleen. and how she is a black woman in the 1960s and its her job to help white women with their kids and maintaining their households. her best friend is minny. minny is sassy.  miss skeeter is a girl fresh out of college and she wants to be a writer for a major newspaper company but is only local right now.

How it gets complicated: Miss skeeter sees how mistreated black woman are and wants to publish articles on them to kinda expose the white women who are doing things like installiong special crappy bathrooms for them. she goes to aibleen for help and to tell her stories about all the children that she raises and they want to get more help to do it too. they then talk to minny and some other maids to get a better story.

What i liked: i liked how miss skeeter kinda stood out from the rest of the women who were participating in it. i also liked how dang right minny is its pretty funny.

What i disliked :  i didnt dislike a lot of things in it. i wish that the book went into more detail but thats about it.

i reccomend it to anyone willing to read it.