Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet to not think they are invincible because they are married and not to move to fast. I think it is good advice because Romeo and Juliet are young compared to a modern day couple so they should not be blinded by there love for each other. I do not think that they will take the advice because all they care about is each other so they will forget what is really happening in the world around them. I think they are moderate people but not as a pair, they are moderate as individuals when they are not distracting each other.


I think people hate other people because they don’t have any other emotion to feel towards that person. Another way that I feel is common is because they don’t know the person and one bad time between them can cause a hate relationship. When people hate someone for so long I feel like they forget why they hate that person and just hold a grudge because it’s been so long they don’t want to be the better person and make it up. I’m sure I dislike someone but I can’t think of a person off the top of my head, but it’s obviously not a good reason if I don’t know why or who it is.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

What I learned about my fellow students is that I think I know people but I actually don’t, I don’t know who they actually are. I feel like people think that just saying hi to someone in the hallway means that you know them but it takes more than a hi to make someone feel good. I think everyone should try to talk to people and try to have an actual conversation instead of judging and making fun of people just because they don’t know them. What I learned is that everyone is going through stuff and it’s all different but there’s things that people have in common that could make hardships easier.


Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Should schools still teach Shakespeare? I have mixed feelings about it, I think it is good to learn just because it is one of those things that everyone learns in there life and it is a major part of history. Shakespeare can benefit a lot of things related to English because it is so complex and if you can learn how to read and understand it, it can benefit you for other assignments in the future. The side of me that is against it is because Shakespeare is outdated and you can’t really relate to it anymore because of how old it is. Kids these days just think it’s boring and not relevant to people in today’s world.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I think I have lived up to my expectations this year, I was just hoping to do the best I could but I think I might have done better than I thought. I have ended all terms with an A and that is a huge accomplishment in my book. English isn’t my strong suit but I think I have done better than expected. The thing I think I have accomplished is keeping up on my work and taking my time to make it good and turning it in on time. I was struggling with turning things in and keeping up on work in the first term but I think I have definitely improved on that aspect. I think I have improved on annotating articles, I always overthought them and thought they were hard but when I actually put time into it, they got easier.

Good Stuff

The passage in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” What this passage means to me is that even though that Tom’s chances were really low at winning the case, the fact that how long the jury was taking to make a decision makes it to believe that things might be changing if the all white jury might consider Tom’s side. That was pretty important because they could be changing the way things work and making a more fair and unified country. I think it was important because for some way I think that is what one of the messages behind the story is that to do something when you know it is right, when everyone is against you and wants you to fail.

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The book “To Kill a Mockingbird” was way better than I thought is was going to be I didn’t really now the story of the book until I started reading it. It mainly consists of Scout and her brother Jem growing up in Maycomb County and all the adventures, mysteries and trials they go through along the way. It starts in the summer when scout is to stubborn to come down from his tree house because he just wants to play football, but Atticus (there dad) tells him he is just not big enough. The time period in the book is around the time where there was still a lot of conflict with blacks in the south so the story really starts when they run into Tom Robinson. The only thing I can say I disliked about the book is that in one chapter it was summer and than the the next the kids were going back to school. The other thing is that they made a big hype about Boo Radley in the beginning and than he didn’t make an appearance until the end. The movie adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird” I think did a pretty good job for a movie that was based on a book I mean of course there were a lot of things that were left out but for the most part they put in the main parts that you need for the story to make sense. When we watched the first fifteen minutes of the movie before we started reading really helped because I got a vision of what the characters look like, what the town of Maycomb looks like and just gave me an overall look of what I was going to be reading about. One of the most powerful scenes in my opinion is the whole trial, because everyone knows the readers, the other characters in the book everyone knows that Tom Robinson is not guilty for raping Mayella Ewell. But watching it happen and seeing the emotion on Tom’s face just made it feel real. Especially because not only was Tom Robinson a good man and everyone can see it everyone could see how gross of a man Mr. Ewell was. I would recommend this film to basically anyone who’s read the book because it gives a greater perspective on how the events played out.

What Makes a Person Great

When I think of what makes a great person great I think of someone who is respectful and cares for others. A person who can notice when someone is hurting or seems out of place. I think it is important to be happy all the time even when things can be going bad because it can spread onto other people. It also helps if you have a great to have a sense of humor to make the people around you laugh and have a good time, also to brighten up there day. One of the most important things is to be kind to people because everyone needs a friend and someone to include them and it can make you and the person feel happy.

An Authority on Courage

When I think of someone who is an authority on courage I think of someone who is not afraid to do anything and is willing to push forward in something that can better themselves and the people around them. I think Jackie Robinson is a good attribute to fulfilling the authority on courage, not only was he striving to change history he was being shamed and punished all because of his skin color. When he ended up changing the game of baseball for the better. He had his mind set on making something happen even though most of the people around him hated him and the things he was trying to accomplish. If my friend needed some words of wisdom Jackie Robinson would say something like just push through even if you don’t want to because you will better yourself and prove everyone wrong.

Real Courage

When Atticus tells Jem his definition of courage he says,”Instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” I agree with his interpretation on courage, I think courage is when you have that confidence within yourself to do something even when your opponent or whatever it is has the upper hand. So when Atticus wants Jem to learn that, I think he is trying to tell him that as long as he has courage he could withstand someone who is trying to overcome him.