Love Moderately

I think that Frair Lawrences is saying that hopefully you won’t go crazy about your love and will take it slow. I think it is good advice because if Romeo is crazy about her the relationship will end soon. I do not think that they will take the advice because spoiler allert the die so obviosly they did something wrong and I believe that they are not smart and kind of stupid in love and definately haven’t been taking it slow since they are getting married so early in their marriage especially considering that their families hate eachother so much

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The people or person that I hate are figure skaters because they are so annoying and ruin the ice at the hockey rink all they do is spin in circle making 5 inch holes in the ice. I personally don’t think it is irrational and I don’t hate them as people I just hate what they decide to do, for it to be irrational I think I would have to say that they are bad people who are a bunch of losers doing the only thing they can. People need to start giving others second chances “everyone deserves a second second chance”- Micheal Scott

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Should schools teach shakespeare

I would say that I don’t know enough imformation to say that he shouldn’t be getting taught at school. Also I do know that his english is very bad and would drive me crazy. In the article Bard barred it said “Shakespeare’s words were chosen to be spoken or heard, not to be read and deadened behind a desk”. I couldn’t agree more because after all who would want to read a play when you could just see the play or act out the play.  I think Shakespeare should be taught along with other really good writer of different ethnicities

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What I Don’t Know about my Fellow Students

What I have learned by doing the pg students whatever assighnment is that when you are figuratively in somebody elses skin that they are going to make decisions that you typically wouldn’t because of what they have been through and how they have dealt with their problems and how they have grown up. I learned that although some people seem fine and good they could be going through some very bad situations like if they just lost a family member. after something bad happens to them they way they react will influence them for a very long time so always be nice because you don’t know what other students are going through.

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Work will work when wishy washy wishing won’t

This year I wanted to get better at writing essays, elaboration and faster at typing. I have gotten better at writing essays and am a faster typer but I am still absolutely terrible at elaboration which is quite sad considering how much time we have spent on elaboration. I think I am going to accomplish this by doing more elaborations and asking Mr. Green for help when I need help. I will also need to practice over time to stay good at it once I get good at it. My goal is to get an A on the essay that we have to do especially the elaboration part

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Person Great

I think Rudyard Kipling had a really good idea of what a great person is. To me they are nice to everyone, and are very charitable and help others constantly when they are in need. Also they know how to work hard and are good at multiple things. Someone who won’t get offended easily by someone kind of like what he said “If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you”. Someone who can have a good conversation, someone who can know when to be sincere and know when to have humor. A person who has patience with everyoune no matter what has happened to them.

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An Authority on Corage – Parker

When I think of a person who has courage I think immediately of my cousin Parker who l know a lot because we live right next door almost. He would tell this friend of mine to find the positive look for something fun to do and enjoy everything that you do because if you have a good attitude then everything will be more fun and a lot more enjoyable. Also don’t think back about when you had fun and good times to often, you dont want to be wishing your back to where you were a year ago because in a year or two when you do look back you be thinking of the times you are having right now.

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Real Courage

I think that definition of courage is pretty spot on because courage is lots of things but is doing something even if you know that you are going to lose or fail. Like if you are really sick and know you are going to die do you just accept the fact or do you try fight through even though you are pretty positive it is going to fail. That definition is simular to mine because I would say doing something you know you will fail is having courage, but I don’t think you have to be “licked before you began” in order for it to be courage.

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I think that it is a very good idea that makes a lot of sense like if you like sports then a 1 seed team losing to a number 4 seed team typically it shouldn’t happen but it did. I think it is worth trying even if you know you will loose “Dude believe in something.” you should work just as hard as anything else maybe even harder to try and win. Now of course it depends on what your doing and what other things are happening in your like if you are super busy. I think atticus is smart and extremely nice and Brave being one of the only people who stand up for black people and being able to have a whole county hate him for it

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to kill a mocking bird so far

I have really liked the book so far it has been an extremely fun read. I like when Mr. Green explains the humor that isn’t that humorous and I like the Story. like how there is a seriously scary person in there neighborhood that that basically just try and see but annoy him, and I like the characters especially atticus because he is smart and seems like would be a way fun dad to have. However I don’t like how Dill only comes fro the summers and that Jem and Dill exclude Scout. I haven’t seen anything to explain why it is so popular but I do think it is livivng up to the hype because there was like absolutely no hype to it for me. I expect to see Jem get in really big trouble because of everything that he does and Boo Radly to be a really mean person that has no manners.

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