what kind of writer am I

I feel the best thing I do as a writer is getting good quotes. I do not like writing essays but I do not like writing them because they take a ling time and are boring also are a little hard. I think I need to improve on explaining the quote when I write essays because usually when I explain the quote it is basically 10-20 words.  I plan on getting better at explaining the quotes by explaining more quotes when I am at home. I need to also work on my claim and how to get better claims that make more sense.

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About Me

My name is Hatrick Blum  I was born in Sacramento California I lived there for a year and then moved to Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii for 9 years and i moved here and now I play hockey for Team Utah and for Utah County.  I have four brothers and no sisters my whole family is competitive and there are lots of rivalry’s at home the biggest one is the rivalry of being the best at hockey or other sports. all of my siblings are three years apart so most the time it is unfair but spoiler alert i will usually win.Image result for datsyuk13

Why we tell stories

Telling stories is important because we have to know what happened in the past. Also because it is fun to learn about ancestors or when you read a really good book or watch a movie based on a true story and you really like it. Learning about stories can help you with your own life it can inspire you to stand up for what you believe. reading or watching stories can help you learn and can be a good waste of time. In conclusion I think stories are important because they help you learn and help you be inspired depending on the story.Image result for books

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