Technology: Friend or Foe?

I think technology can be good and really helpful by letting us communicate with people and stuff but I also think a lot of us are addicted and we are basically wasting our lives. I feel like it can be dangerous because we miss out on important things in life like spending time with family and friends and enjoying it. I mean I am pretty addicted myself but I do try my hardest to have you know self-control and enjoy times with friends and stuff without my phone. I think everyone should try and get rid our phones for a while so we can do something productive and beneficial.


The First Story I Read

The short story I choose is called “The Lottery” and it’s by Shirley Jackson. This story is about this like small town of people where literally everyone knows each other since it’s so small.  In the beginning it talks about where the buildings are and how school is out for the kids because it’s summer. This information is weird because it just seems so random but once they start the lottery you can just think of all the things that could happen and you just really use your imagination for this story since it doesn’t give you a good explanation about what is happening. What I like about this story it really makes you think why they have the lottery and what the purpose is but yeah you can really use your imagination with this story.



Small Improvements and 1% Gains

I think a good habit I could start is maybe like trying to finish homework and just like assignments and turn them in on time because I have a bad habit of not doing my stuff on time so I need to get better and try harder. This could help me in the future because I would be able to stay on top of things and just basically keep my grades up and do good in school. I could do this by maybe like keeping all of my assignments organized and not ignoring it and actually doing it when I have too.

I Can Use Figurative Language

I woke up to the sound of my alarm screaming at me and jumped out of bed it was 7:30 I was late. I ran downstairs and snarfed down my breakfast like a starving dog.  I sprinted up the stairs as if an intruder was chasing me. But as I was running up the staircase, the hallway started to cave in leaving me claustrophobic,  soon I began  to hear thumping, a strong pounding in my ears, my heart was a drum. I heard voices all around me saying, “you are so out of shape”. All of the sudden, I turn around, it was all real, the intruder was actually in my house, he had no interest in stealing things from my house anymore, he was telling me that I was out of shape! What a jerk!



What I’m Reading

Since we started reading I’ve been reading more at home and looking for a new book that I should read next because I’m pretty picky with the books I read.  The book I’m reading right now is called “Feedback” by Robison Wells and this is the second book and it’s pretty good so far. The last book I finished was the first one in this little “series” called “Variant” and that one was really good I think it’s definitely better then the second book hahah. What I don’t really like about what I’ve been reading is that there are some parts that are kind of boring but what I do like is like how the author describes what’s happening and it just helps you picture it better but it’s a pretty good book!



2095: What Will The Future Be Like?

I sometimes do think about what the future will be like but I think the future will be really weird and like the story we read in class I  think that houses will be able to take care of themselves and we will have more advanced technology. I think there is sadly a possibility of World War 3 I mean hopefully not though. And I bet we will definitely have some weird iPhone 93 with like thirty million cameras. Oh but I do hope that we can take better care of our earth so we don’t all die and we can just appreciate the earth we live on and have peace 🙂


“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

In 1920 Sara Teasdale wrote a poem called, “There Will Come Soft Rains.” In 1920 World War 1 was going on and it honestly didn’t benefit anyone who fought and who didn’t fight in the war at the time. In this poem Sara Teasdale gave a really good explanation that war is stupid and it really doesn’t benefit people at all and that the war everyone fought very hard for was useless. In the poem it says, “Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, if mankind perished utterly.” She explains in this part of the poem that if one day mankind was gone and we all just disappeared that nature would just carry on with their lives and maybe they would live better without us. This poem is really powerful and is still talked about to this day. But I do think that over the past 100 years we’ve gotten worse and selfish people are still out there that could cause bad things to happen. I think that the author made this poem to give out the message that the world would be a better place without us selfish people and if we were gone nature would probably be better without us.


My reading journey

When I was little I think I started reading when I was about 7 maybe 8 years old. I honestly didn’t like reading AT ALL it was really boring to me. I would pretend I was reading during reading time because it was so boring. But when I got a little older I started finding books that I was actually interested in and I started reading more and I would actually kind of look forward to reading time. So now I mean I don’t love reading but if I can find a good interesting book then I actually do kind of like reading.



About me :)

Hi my name is Sadie and I am 14 years old. I go to Pleasant Grove Junior High and I’m in 9th grade this year and this is my English blog so here’s a little bit about me. I like to travel and spend time with my family and friends. My family is pretty musical I guess so I know how to play the ukulele and I sing. I literally love watching movies and hanging out with my friends. I like to go camping, being out in nature, four wheeling, and going shooting. So yeah that’s just a little bit about me 🙂

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