“Harlem” Poetry Response

When I read this poem I was really confused and I didn’t understand it like at all but then I read it a few more times and really looked at it and then I understood it and I actually really liked it. I liked all the similes and I don’t know like the idea of the poem and the authors messages behind it. This poem also made me feel motivated to accomplish my dreams. One of the similes is about the raisin wrinkling in the sun and I think it means like  the ideas are getting old and that they aren’t as useful because they weren’t used. 

4 thoughts on ““Harlem” Poetry Response”

  1. I didn’t think of that raisin thing when I read it, that’s clever. Do you feel like that happens to your ideas a lot? Because it sure does with mine. XD

  2. I totally agree with this because it did make me feel like I could accomplish my dreams but also it brought truth to how you get there. Not by sitting around doing nothing but by acting.

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