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Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

Ok so the passage I chose is “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” I liked this statement from miss Maudie because it like means that even though things didn’t work out Atticus still did his best and he made a difference. He helped when probably nobody else would. Atticus took a stand and wasn’t afraid to do the right thing and he didn’t back down even though he was facing challenges from everybody. He teaches Jem and Scout to treat people equally no matter the color of their skin and I think this is something everyone else need to learn.


What is My Code?

In the article, “The Limits to Empathy” by David Brooks he talks about empathy and the way people are like with empathy.  In the article he says something about how every person has their own code. And I think my code is just literally trying to be nice to everyone and treat everybody with respect there’s no reason to be mean you know? I think everyone should treat people the way you want to be treated and it’ll be a great time you can’t expect others to be nice to you if you’re being a brat haha. Like come on golden rule baby.

Consider Things from His (or Her) Point of View

The person I picked to write about is Tom Robinson. Tom is being accused of raping a woman and is on trial and since everyone back then was racist we all know that Tom probably doesn’t stand a chance which is stupid.  He literally just wanted to be a nice good person and help Mayella Ewell with her yard work and stuff and he ended up being taken advantage of NOT the other way around. And since he is black literally nobody believes that he didn’t touch her and that he was only there to be a nice and helpful person.

“Harlem” Poetry Response

When I read this poem I was really confused and I didn’t understand it like at all but then I read it a few more times and really looked at it and then I understood it and I actually really liked it. I liked all the similes and I don’t know like the idea of the poem and the authors messages behind it. This poem also made me feel motivated to accomplish my dreams. One of the similes is about the raisin wrinkling in the sun and I think it means like  the ideas are getting old and that they aren’t as useful because they weren’t used. 

How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

I’m honestly not doing great haha just kidding I’m fine but I really miss seeing my friends and being inside is really boring and this whole online school thing is annoying. I’m honestly struggling with my assignments though because I’m kinda stupid and I can’t get anything done because I get distracted easily. The thing I think I’m mostly struggling with right now is probably math because I literally haven’t done like any of the assignments because I was sick so now I’m behind and I have to fill out a ton of notes and stuff and I really don’t want to hahah.

Blind Spots

Ok so Atticus tells Jem and Scout “‘Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man,” he said, “he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us.” I think what Atticus means is just like people can still be good people even if they haven’t made the best choices. And I agree with him because everyone goes through things and trials and making a few bad decisions and mistakes doesn’t define you as a person. I do think it is possible to want to do something really bad and still be a good person that’s just their “blind spot” I guess and it doesn’t make them a bad person.

“Strange Fruit” Poetry Response

I don’t really know how I felt about the poem I’m not sure if I liked it or not because it literally made me so sad especially when it said there were black bodies hanging and how they just sit their rotting and have the birds literally eat them. I think it is a nice poem to do some self reflection on though but it makes you realize how bad the world was and is. But sometimes I had mixed feelings and I also kind of liked the poem because it really shows you what it was like back then and how stupid people treated people of color. They were so unfair.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

Ok so when Atticus was talking to Scout and he said the thing about climbing into someone else’s skin I think he means like try to put yourself in their shoes I guess. Like try to understand what they are going through or think about their perspective of things and stuff like that. I think it would help her get along better with other people cause she would try to understand them better. I think I do actually do this sometimes when I like disagree with someone or something like that.  I feel like it is important to do this sometimes so you can try to understand where that person is coming from or what they feel.


So when Scout asks Atticus if he thinks he’s gonna win it and literally with no hesitation he just says no I think that they should still at least try to win. I honestly think even if like you know you’re probably gonna lose I think you should still try hard and give your best. But I think that you should really try hard but like I don’t think you should dedicate like your whole life to it either.  I definitely have had an experience where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to succeed during like big tests and stuff but if you try hard you can do it.

Where I’m From

So I’m from Pleasant Grove and I’ve never moved so I’ve basically lived here my whole life and I like it here and I don’t think I would want to move so yeah. My dad and his family have been here literally forever they go all the way back to like the freaking pioneers hahah so he grew up in like Highland and Lehi and then he moved to PG so he’s kind of just always been here and my mom is from Ecuador so when she came here with her family they moved to like Orem and then she moved again to PG.