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The book that I am reading is called, Extras, by Scott Westerfeld. The setting in my book is based on a future world that has advanced technology. The world is separated into different Cities with their own individual government. In the past events, the city became corrupted and destroyed another city. Once, they changed how the city was being ran, they now depend on the celebrities to rule the city. They use gossip, news casts, and other social technologies to spread stories about people and events. This means the better the story is, the more merrits they get(money).

Some major events is that someone caught her as an extra talking to someone famous. Once the story went viral, she had to wait until the story faded. As she waited she went to school, work, and other places to gain merrits(money).

Another major event is that Aya Fuse meets a group of people that everyone else believed never existed. As she spends more time with them she finds out about a huge secret, if she exposes them, then she would become famous.

The next major event is that Aya Fuse discovers a story that will make her famous. The setting of the city she lives in is based on fame and popularity. So if she reveals this story, she can become famous. One problem is that if she reveals this story she is exposing a group of friends that she used to know.

If Aya Fuse lived in a different city, with a different government, the stories and fame wouldn’t be as important or needed.

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Casting Characters

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Main Character: Aya Fuse


Tiffany Espensen

I would cast this actor/ actress because the book says, ” Besides, Aya Fuse was an expert at being invisible.”” Aya flipped up the hood of her robe, and stepped out of the shadows.”and, ” She’d had her own feed for almost two years now, had kicked a great story just a week ago, and was still anonymous.” I chose this actor/ actress because, her acting personality in movies( kind of shy) is like Aya Fuses in the book Extras. 

Sidekick or guide: moggle


Robot from,” Meet the Robinsons”

I would cast this robot because the book says,”Moggle had lucked out so far.” “By the time Moggle reached the top, Aya could barely see through the clouds of interference.” and ” As Moggle climbed, its signal began to fritz, shimmers of static dancing across her eyes. The connection was punching through a lot of stone, and Aya wondered how long the shaft was. Her skintenna could only reach a kilometer without the city network helping.” Moggle is like a pet/ spy camera for Aya, and in the movie Meet the Robinsons the robot hat is like a pet/ spy cam.

Villian: publicity

Image result for cameras

I chose publicity as a villian because, in the book Extras, Aya is constantly faced with low face ranks and is considered a no body( kicker).“Even mocking people helped their face stats.” “In the reputation economy, the only real way to hurt anyone was to ignore them completely.” “If you see everything through hovercams and feed stories, you wind up blind to what’s right in front of you.” Ayas city is based on publicity, since she is considered an Extra, most people be-little her.

character: Frizz

Matt Smith

I would cast this actor because the description in the book is similar to his. “That bubblehead’s the thirteenth-most-popular tech-kicker now?” “Frizz designed this new brain surge. Like back in the Prettytime, except instead of making you a bubblehead, they change your mind so you can’t lie.” and “The honesty surge would make him show his disappointment about their difference in ambition.” Matt Smiths personality, in many preformences, is increasingly honest weather its good or bad. Which is similar to Frizz’s  situation, because of the brain surge.

Term 4 Blog post

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The book I am using for term 4 is called  Extras, and is the fourth book to the Uglies Series. I chose this book because, previously, I read the other three books before Extras and now I am planning on finishing the series with the last book (Extras).

The reading level of my book is for young adult, because it can be difficult to understand all the events that happen in the book. I could also tell by the age of the main character,  and the character in my book is about 16 years old.

The author of Extras( Scott Westerfeld) won many awards and honors because of his great books. He won awards like, Best books for young adults, Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award, Florida teens read, and Georgia Peach Book Award for teen Readers. Scott Westerfeld did make a movies based on his books. Before becoming an author, he majored in music as a teen, and he married another author.

The main character in my book is named Aya, and she is 15 years old, so she was stuck looking like an ugly. Aya is usually shy, and is eager to get her face rank up, because her whole entire city depends on face ranks/ popularity. What might be in the bottle for my book report, based on what I have read, would talk about how she has found a secret group organization, that everyone thought was fictional.




Reading Index Test

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After I finished my reading index test, I received a score of 1229. When I compared it to the score chart, it showed an above grade level score. My score is between 10th and 11th grade, and is progressively getting better each time. The overall score is proficient.

The books I read are at the correct grade level, and will gradually help me progress in my reading index score. As I read harder and more difficult books,  hopefully the reading index scores will increase.

The book I read for my term 3 book report was called,” Specials.” What I liked about my book was that it never got boring. My favorite part about my book report was the objects that represented the book. One thing I could have done better is the outside of the bags overall look, I could have taped the papers on better, and used more color. My term 4 book is going to be,” Extras.” It is a add-on to the book series, Uglies, Pretties, and Specials.


Call to Adventure

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My ordinary life. On the weekdays I wake up at 6:00 a.m., and go to school. As soon as I get home I take care of my pets. My life is pretty planned out. I hold my bunnies every other day, and feed them every day and night. Sometimes I will take my dogs on a walk, and usually take care of my cats. Basically I do homework, take care of my pets, and sometimes hang out with friends.

Since I grow up around animals, I always knew that when I grow up I wanted to become a vet. Seeing all the animals that live either on the street, or just aren’t cared for, make me feel like I can change that. I know that when I become a vet, I can make it affordable for many families who can not pay normal vet prices. As I grow up, I have to constantly take my pets to the vet, usually for a check up to make sure that they are healthy. When I go to the vet, the prices just blow my mind, I just wonder who can afford those horrible prices. So when I become a vet, I will understand when people can’t always afford those prices. So I will have non- expensive prices by managing my budget. Ever since I could ever remember I always wanted to be a vet.

One refusal to the call is that I am not very smart. I know I will constantly have to study all the time to pass my classes. Another problem is that it is extremely hard to get into a vet college, I here all the time by multiple people that it is so risky and hard to get into a vet school, but every time I here that, it make me more motivated to get into a great vet school.

Basically, everyone in my family are my mentors. They warn me of the risk and how difficult it will be. They also encourage me to keep trying and to become what I want to be. Plus, my parents let me and my siblings have pets. So that was a huge step into knowing that I want to be a vet.

Personal Quests

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If their is one time that I would ever remember acting more responsible( adult), it would be the times when I was in charge and I needed to make a choice to fix a problem. Even if it was or wasn’t the best choice, I still made the choice and trusted my decision/ judgement.  Since I made the decision, and trusted my judgement, I felt that I became more independent and self-reliant. The decisions I made to create a solution were adult-like decisions, that took responsibility and self independence. Then, after making my decision, I trusted my judgement and went through my with my choice. Finally, in the end, I became more adult and responsible than I ever was before I made the choice/ decision.

Being heroic can come in many different ways, from being considerate of others to saving lives daily. Whatever type of way people consider others heroic, they both consist of the same meaning. Some qualities that hero’s might consist of, is if they are self-reliant, yet self-less, if they are Independent, yet they know when to ask for help. Even ordinary people could be considered hero’s, heroic decisions/ acts can be found in everyday life. Anyone can be called a hero, but those who really care for others are actual hero’s.

Term 3 blog

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During Christmas break I went bowling, watched movies, made cookies, opened presents, visited family, and overall spent time at home. I went bowling on Christmas eve with friends and family, and I sat around and watched Christmas movies, while waiting for the cookies to finish cooking. Before new years I visited family and friends, then spent new years at home.

I chose the book Specials, this book is the third book to the Uglies trilogy. Specials is written by Scott Westerfeld, and is a science fictional series. Specials is considered a teen novel, and is rated at 4 and a half stars.

As the new year starts, new year resolutions do too. One of my new year resolutions/ goals, is to earn a 4.0 in all of my classes for the entire school year. This goal/resolution requires a lot of effort and hard work and all A’s in all of my classes. Even though the school year is very long I hope finish my new years resolution.

Readers Responce

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After reading all of the poems the one I thought was best overall was,” The Anthem of Awesome.” I thought that this poem was best thought out because it is clear and precise about their perspective. This poem explains how everyone changes over time. So don’t get stuck in the past, but live in the present, so your future can come later. This poem can be seen as an explanation about the past and how it can affect your future.

Image result for earth's transformation over time

This picture of Earths changes over time is like how everyone changes as they grow up over time. As everyone evolves over time it’s like how the earth has to evolve over time. Everyone changes at one point in their lives, and at that point the earth changes too.


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This term, When I read  Uglies, it took me 2 months to read, and it has 406 pages total. While reading I felt that I didn’t make enough time to read, so by the end of the term I was rushed to finish it. I could have read every night and finished my book with enough time to make my book report and it would have been a lot easier. So for next quarter I would make more time for reading to finish my book comfortably.

The blog posts were nice and easy because only one was due per week, and it helped to explain what happened to better understand it. One of the more complicating parts in the blogs is that some times the blog had so much instruction that you had to finish it at home after working in class. I wish that the blogs could sometimes be a little easier, and simpler on the times that we had a busy week, but overall the blog posts were helpful and educational.

For my book report I like how much detail was in it, and how it represented the future. I wish my book report could have had more dialog and description of the past events. If I had to do my book report all over again I would change some background to mention more people and friends from previous events.

If I could start the term all over I would keep up on my grades, study more, and use my time wisely. I would have kept my math homework the same to have it all finished, and I would have kept my science grade the same. Now that term one is almost over I feel like I could have worked harder and not have stressed as much at the end of the term.



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In most books certain objects symbolize important events or life lessons in the book. In the book Uglies the surgery would be a symbol to fit in and be “beautiful” with the rest of society. Another symbol used in the book is the Smoke, the Smoke can symbolize freedom from society and to be yourself. The third symbol would be the necklace pendant that represents life choices and where you would end up. The Smoke is a place to live and be yourself no matter what you look like or who you are, even though the location has to be kept a secret.

The book cover of Uglies Shows a face covered by cloth after surgery. The cover implies that the surgery changes lives, and many people make the choice to have it done. They marketed their book cover to girls and young adults by using girl facial characteristics. The one thing I would change about the cover would be to add in hints about the Smoke instead of just basing it on the surgery.

The theme in the book Uglies is acceptance no matter what you look like. The author describes the theme by creating the surgery to change you life and the Smoke that lets you be who ever you are.  Such as when in the beginning Tally wanted the operation done to turn her pretty, but now she understands that you don’t need the operation to be pretty.



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