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Main Character: Aya Fuse


Tiffany Espensen

I would cast this actor/ actress because the book says, ” Besides, Aya Fuse was an expert at being invisible.”” Aya flipped up the hood of her robe, and stepped out of the shadows.”and, ” She’d had her own feed for almost two years now, had kicked a great story just a week ago, and was still anonymous.” I chose this actor/ actress because, her acting personality in movies( kind of shy) is like Aya Fuses in the book Extras. 

Sidekick or guide: moggle


Robot from,” Meet the Robinsons”

I would cast this robot because the book says,”Moggle had lucked out so far.” “By the time Moggle reached the top, Aya could barely see through the clouds of interference.” and ” As Moggle climbed, its signal began to fritz, shimmers of static dancing across her eyes. The connection was punching through a lot of stone, and Aya wondered how long the shaft was. Her skintenna could only reach a kilometer without the city network helping.” Moggle is like a pet/ spy camera for Aya, and in the movie Meet the Robinsons the robot hat is like a pet/ spy cam.

Villian: publicity

Image result for cameras

I chose publicity as a villian because, in the book Extras, Aya is constantly faced with low face ranks and is considered a no body( kicker).“Even mocking people helped their face stats.” “In the reputation economy, the only real way to hurt anyone was to ignore them completely.” “If you see everything through hovercams and feed stories, you wind up blind to what’s right in front of you.” Ayas city is based on publicity, since she is considered an Extra, most people be-little her.

character: Frizz

Matt Smith

I would cast this actor because the description in the book is similar to his. “That bubblehead’s the thirteenth-most-popular tech-kicker now?” “Frizz designed this new brain surge. Like back in the Prettytime, except instead of making you a bubblehead, they change your mind so you can’t lie.” and “The honesty surge would make him show his disappointment about their difference in ambition.” Matt Smiths personality, in many preformences, is increasingly honest weather its good or bad. Which is similar to Frizz’s  situation, because of the brain surge.

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