Technology: Friend or Foe?

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I personally think that we could do better without certain technology and that we should learn how to handle that technology.  I can see how these brain disorders affect our real life.  People watch YouTube instead of hanging out with friends.  They never want to socialize or do anything.  This can lead to depression and other disorders which can lead to suicide.  Its pretty awful that parents let their baby’s watch TV.  This can lead to ADHD and problems with learning in the future.  Unfortunately this is the new norm in society.  Things like the Truman Show Delusion result in paranoia depression.  I think that technology plays key roles in our lives but I also think that we could live without a lot of the social media and some other things in our lives.  I think human interaction is important to live a full and happy life and I think that some parts of the internet is holding us back from that. 

The First Story I Read

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I got to read the short story “All Summer in a Day” by, Ray Bradbury.  The main character is a small and pale girl named Margot.  The story is set on Venus most likely in the future.  The beginning starts off with a cluster of schoolchildren crowded around a a window watching it rain.  The children keep talking about how the scientists know something.  They all seem very excited.  It then reveals that the planet Venus has been raining for 7 years and that the rain will stop and the sun will come out for only 2 hours on that day and then it will keep raining for 7 more years.  The little girl Margot who had moved from earth to Venus only 5 years ago and she thinks out loud about the sun which angers the other children because they know that she can remember the sun and they know that she once has endless sun and so that makes them jealous.  They lock her in a closet and then go out to play in the warm sun without her…   

I Can Use Figurative Language!

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I rushed into the house and locked the old door with a loud thunk.  Outside the wind screamed as if it were in pain. I heard a small crunch outside.  It was coming.  I rushed upstairs to the bathroom, slammed and locked the door.  Everything was silent.  I heard the wind whistling through the trees outside and ticking of the grand old clock in the living room.  Everything was silent as a grave.  All of a sudden the sound loud footsteps rang through the house.  They were getting closer.  With every step they became louder and louder until it seemed that they were at the top of the stairs.   I was doomed.  Suddenly though the things footsteps became quieter as it lumbered into a bedroom, unaware of where I was.  I heard the thing rooting in the bedroom closet seemingly on a mission to find something.  I heard a clink of metal against metal and then all was silent.  I wondered if it had left or if this silence was somehow apart of its crooked plan.  Outside even the raindrops seemed to dance in anticipation and fear of what was to come.  I heard the doorknob rattle slightly.  Terrified I scooted as far back from the door as possible.  All of a sudden a crack of thunder echoed through the house and the bathroom door burst open.  I screamed as it stood over me triumphant.  “I found you Mandy!”  my little brother yelled.  “Are you kidding me!  I thought I could finally out smart you in hide and seek!”

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2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

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I think the future will be chaotic and crazy.  I think that eventually humans will destroy themselves not by war but by polluting and over populating the earth.  In 76 years if we did not do anything to fix pollution and and global warming then the air could be so toxic that we cannot grow anything outside in dirt.  We will have to use greenhouses and artificial sun, water etc.  The earth could over populate and get over its carrying capacity.  I think that cults and extreme religions would start popping up all over the place due to it basically being the end of the world.  Humans also might start resorting to crazy things like…. population laws restricting the amount of children a family can have, women’s rights will be restricted by not having access to to birth control, abortion, or reliable information about their bodies, food could be rationed and not very yummy, o Donald Trump might live another 150 years. I mean hey, anything is possible. 

There Will Come Soft Rains

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               In the first 6 lines of the poem, There Will Come Soft Rains by, Sara Teasdale, it talks about aspects of nature in metaphoric and descriptive form.  The last 4 lines say, “Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, If mankind perished utterly;
And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn, Would scarcely know that we were gone.   To me this means that even if humans destroy themselves completely by war or just downright oblivion the whole world would not even bat an eye.  The poem tells us to focus on the better thing in life and to do things that actually matter.  War only gives out negative repercussions and people want to forget it but by doing something that is good and kind in our life it will live on far longer than the memory of war because people actually want to remember that good thing.  Even just doing something like giving someone a sincere compliment, or telling someone that you love them it can make an even bigger difference then going to war and having family members, neighbors, and loved ones die for almost nothing.  I think that mankind is finally realizing this and trying to reverse and better their past, present and future actions.

Who am I as a Writer

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I first started to learn how to write in kindergarten.  I remember having  to write a couple of simple sentences and thinking how my teacher was giving us so much work!  Then about halfway through the year my kindergarten teacher realized that nobody in the class actually knew that you had to put spaces in between your words when you wrote.  I remember that it took me forever to actually remember to space my words.  In second and third grade I really did not like writing.  Both my teachers those years would have us edit and write our paragraphs for class in a really dumb and time consuming way.  It made writing seem like a burden and not something that can be fun.  In fifth and sixth grade I started to enjoy writing a lot more.  I loved writing informational paragraphs but the rest of the different types of paragraphs were still hard for me to write.  My sixth grade teacher always required us to use transition words in our paragraphs which got to be annoying because a paragraph doesn’t always need a transition word.  Seventh and eighth grade helped me get better at writing and really improved my understanding of how to write. 

My Reading Journey

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When I was in kindergarten I was introduced to reading and books.   Learning to read was not super duper hard for me.  My parents would always read to me and my sister before bed so I already knew what the words sounded like I just had to learn how to read them in books.  By first grade I was already starting to love reading.  I would read classic picture books like chika chika boom boom, runaway bunny, puff the magic dragon and others.  I absolutely loved picture books when the illustrations were large and colorful.  In second and third grade I would read Juni B Jones and boxcar children.  Fourth grade was when my love for reading truly began.  I became a super fast and high level reader.  In the middle of Fourth grade I read the Middle school level book, “The Schwa was here”.  My reading speed and level in 5 grade only got faster.  I was reading up to 2 pages of a book per minute. (not sure how many words that is).  Fifth grade and beyond I was so engrossed with reading that as a punishment for not doing my chores my parents would tell me I couldn’t read until I got them finished.  In Eighth grade I got super into classic books like little women and ann of green gables.

My favorite things

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One of my favorite things is noodle soup from a box.  Every time that I am sick my mom makes me the soup and it always makes me feel better.  When ever I’m having a bad day I always go home and  make myself a bowl of noodle soup.  The hot broth and tender noodles are very comforting to me.

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Another one of my favorite things is skiing.  When I’m on the mountain I always feel this amazing rush of Adrenalin.  The cold is very refreshing and laughing and talking on the ski lift is really fun.  Skiing is also really nice to think and reflect.  When your on the mountain its very quiet and nice.  I love that because then I can just relax and let go of my worry’s.


Image result for skiingAnother one of my favorite things is reading.  I love how books take you to a completely different place.  Reading is another way for me to just wind down and chill out.  When I cant sleep at night I always read.  When I’m having a bad day I can always read.  Reading always gets me excited especially when I have a good book that I am reading.

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All these things make my life better and help me deal with my problems.  These are a few of my favorite things.


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In December me and my family always go to Flaming Gorge to get a Christmas Tree.  We always go on a Friday and spend 2 nights there.  We go sledding on Saturday and eat lunch and dinner at a diner every day.  On Christmas day my family comes over and we all exchange gifts and eat king crab smothered with butter for dinner.


This Christmas break I am going to sleep in as long as I can every day.  Then I will read a few books and play in the snow.  I might hang  out with my friends and go see a movie or something.  Then I will go gift shopping for my family at a bunch of different stores.  I’ll go skiing with my friends and family pretty much every day.


My goals this year is to get better grades and get more sleep so I am not so tired at school.  I also want to get better at skiing  so I can join the Sundace Ski team this year.  I also want to hang out with all my friends more and be more including with all of them.  I hope that I have a good Christmas and new year and an overall great rest of the year.

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