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My favorite things

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One of my favorite things is noodle soup from a box.  Every time that I am sick my mom makes me the soup and it always makes me feel better.  When ever I’m having a bad day I always go home and  make myself a bowl of noodle soup.  The hot broth and tender noodles are very comforting to me.

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Another one of my favorite things is skiing.  When I’m on the mountain I always feel this amazing rush of Adrenalin.  The cold is very refreshing and laughing and talking on the ski lift is really fun.  Skiing is also really nice to think and reflect.  When your on the mountain its very quiet and nice.  I love that because then I can just relax and let go of my worry’s.


Image result for skiingAnother one of my favorite things is reading.  I love how books take you to a completely different place.  Reading is another way for me to just wind down and chill out.  When I cant sleep at night I always read.  When I’m having a bad day I can always read.  Reading always gets me excited especially when I have a good book that I am reading.

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All these things make my life better and help me deal with my problems.  These are a few of my favorite things.


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In December me and my family always go to Flaming Gorge to get a Christmas Tree.  We always go on a Friday and spend 2 nights there.  We go sledding on Saturday and eat lunch and dinner at a diner every day.  On Christmas day my family comes over and we all exchange gifts and eat king crab smothered with butter for dinner.


This Christmas break I am going to sleep in as long as I can every day.  Then I will read a few books and play in the snow.  I might hang  out with my friends and go see a movie or something.  Then I will go gift shopping for my family at a bunch of different stores.  I’ll go skiing with my friends and family pretty much every day.


My goals this year is to get better grades and get more sleep so I am not so tired at school.  I also want to get better at skiing  so I can join the Sundace Ski team this year.  I also want to hang out with all my friends more and be more including with all of them.  I hope that I have a good Christmas and new year and an overall great rest of the year.

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Metacognition of Term 1

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Metacognition means you are aware of things.  This can apply to our grades because we need to be aware (metacognition) of what our grades are.  My reading index score for the beginning of the year was: 1344.  Yes I think that I improved greatly because I can read harder books than I could before.  My best assignment this quarter was in woods class and it was the pop bottle rocket.  I could have done better on my book report in English. I thought I did a good job and I worked hard on it but I guess I didn’t put stuff in the right place.  I think we shouldn’t have to put our papers on certain sides of the bag because that bring your grade really low and this isn’t art its English!

For fall break I am going on a week long hunting trip with my dad.  We are also going to be going to st gorge for a few days to hike and swim.  For thanksgiving i’m going to be bolemic and eat my guts out.  I’m also going to spend lots of time with my extended family.   For Christmas I am going to stay at my house, eat waffles, open presents, and pretend Santa exists.

For term 3 I am going to stay on top of my homework.  I’m going to do this by using a planner and reminders.  I am also going to work on my hunting and shooting skills.  I also want to work more on drums and get even better at them.  I am going to try to practice everyday and work on the right stuff.

All about me

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My name is Venice Westover.  I have 3 sisters 1 brother and 2 cats.  My grandparents, Guy and Paula Fugal live amlost right next to us and own alpacas.  I live on a farm with 7 alpacas 80 chickens and 1 big white dog.  My favorite food is mac and cheese and lemon chicken.  My favorite book is The Help.

Hello world!

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