The Story I Enjoyed The Most or Disliked the Least

Dec - 13 2019 | no comments | By

I really liked the story “There Will Come Soft Rains” because of all the personification. I really liked that there weren’t any people but there was still characters. The house had a mind of it’s own and he personified it so it was even more of a character. Then the antagonist was the fire and it came and burned the house down then the fire was a character and was battling against the house to burn it down. But the house kept fighting to stay alive. But the way he personified everything was amazing. Now I thnk of fire as more of a villain.

The Good Stuff

Nov - 26 2019 | 1 comment | By

I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for Mr. Green for teaching us everything we need to know about English. I am grateful for food so I am not hungry and starving and I can survive. I am grateful for my dogs that make me happy. I am grateful for my mom and dad for taking care of me. I am grateful for shelter so I can stay warm and dry. I am grateful for Thanksgiving and being able to eat a bunch of food and spend time with family. I am grateful for all the good in my life.

Everybody Was Finally Equal

Nov - 18 2019 | no comments | By

Our society is kinda wack. We always make fun of people for stuff they are really good at. Some people can e really good at sports. But people will be hating on them and making fun of them but nobody else can do that kind of stuff. People always do this kind of stuff with the government. But being the president can be really stressful. So you should all cut him a little slack. People can be really good at basketball but get made fun of because they are short. But over all people are probably just jealous. So we all need to understand that people are all good at their own things and can do their own things their own ways.

What’s This Gotta Do With Me?

Nov - 12 2019 | 4 comments | By

Well I haven’t ever been accused with murder but I have been accused of other things. I can’t really think of anything right now but I think we all have been accused of things. I mean whether we did it or not doesn’t matter because it’s rude when you just automatically accuse. I was accused of eating the last fry one time. The person who accused me was very rude about it and made me feel like a bad person. They called me fat and a pig and self centered. So guys please be careful when you accuse someone and make sure it’s really them. It’s just like in the game clue you want to be right so you can win and not embarrass yourself.

Suspense and Word Choice Freewrite

Oct - 31 2019 | 1 comment | By

Once upon a time there was a raven that liked taunting people. It learned how to talk but only a little bit. He was jet black and had long sleek feathers. He was bored so he went to this nice house. He starting tapping on the chamber door. Then he started raping at the door. He then hears some one coming so he goes to the window. He starts knocking on the window. Then the person opened the window so he went inside. He then went and said “nevermore” and then the guy got mad and started yelling and throwing stuff. Then the raven left and went on to the next person to taunt. The End

Free! Body and Soul Free!

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Well there is a lot of ways people can feel trapped. They can have depression which is probably the most well known way. They can feel alone and have depressing thoughts. Depression can also lead to suicide and self harm. People can also feel too controlled and feel like they have no control of their life. Some may have super mega strict parents that don’t let them do anything. But you can also be in an abusive relationship and feel trapped because you can’t do anything. People also may be left out of something and then have to do stuff alone then they start to feel lonely.

1st Term Business

Oct - 16 2019 | 1 comment | By

Well another term come and gone. I feel like I did pretty good this term. i got all the stuff done that I needed to. I feel like I’ve done a lot of typing. Whether that’s good or bad I don’t know. But this class is pretty fun we do a lot of fun stuff. Mr. Green is also super fun. But as for next term I just hope I do as good as I did in term 1. I want to get good grades. I also don’t want my teachers to be to mad at me. I also hope Mr. Green comes back so we can have fun again.

Technology: Friend or Foe

Oct - 10 2019 | 3 comments | By

I think that technology is both a friend and a foe. It just depends on if you are stupid with it or not. If your are one of those people that just are always on it an don’t care about anyone else. Well then I’m sorry but that’s just sad. But it is also a friend because you can’t just go outside and do whatever now because the world isn’t that safe so you can stay home or at a friend’s house. That way you have something to do and you can be safe. You can also use it to communicate and connect with family and friends that live far away.

The First Story I Read

Oct - 08 2019 | 4 comments | By

I chose the story A Sound of Thunder. The author is a man named Ray Bradbury. It’s kind of an interesting story. It’s about this company that uses a time machine to take you somewhere in time so you can hunt whatever animal you want. The main character’s name is Eckels’ which I think that is his last name. He is one of the customers to this company. He and two other guys are here to go hunt a dinosaur. The one guide already went back in time and figured out what dinosaur is already going to die. That way they don’t kill an important dinosaur.

What I’m Reading

Oct - 02 2019 | 6 comments | By

I have been reading a few different books. I have been reading The Infinite Sea which is a part of a series. I have also been reading Ripper which is about Jack the Ripper. Then I have read this big book of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It’s a litty book. I haven’t finished any books this year but I think Calvin and Hobbes is fire! I would totally suggest that you read it. I don’t like reading it’s kinda boring and I would rather be doing stuff then reading about fake stuff. But Mr. Green might make it so I like reading.

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