I’m a Big Kid Now!

May - 05 2020 | 1 comment | By

I’m a big kid now so I can do so much more. I do English good now thanks to Mr. Green. Mr. Green has taught me so much that I didn’t know that I didn’t know. I really liked the way he taught too he made it fun for everybody. He is a good man. He also isn’t just some lame old fart that doesn’t understand anything he knows how we feel and know that we need to learn. I also enjoyed that he knows how to use google classroom so it made it easier for us to do our work. And we also were able to do our work online even when we were in school.

How I Feel About To Kill A Mockingbird

Apr - 16 2020 | 1 comment | By

I honestly really and truly 100% hated it. I’m not saying this to try and be cool I just absolutely hated it. It was hard for me to get into it because it was slow and boring. I didn’t understand a lot of it because they were using oldy time phrases and words. I also didn’t like all the racism it made the book even worse. Then half the things they did didn’t make sense because they worded it differently so it was hard to understand and connect it to the rest of the story or what happened before it. I would not recommend it to people.

Things Have a Way of Settling Down

Apr - 14 2020 | 1 comment | By

I really hate everything that is going on. First Kobe now the coronavirus and quarantine. I think that it is stupid and it shouldn’t have ever happened. But I know that isn’t possible anymore. I think things could definitely get worse. The Earth could fall into the sun or the moon could fall into the Earth. Aliens could invade our planet and take everything and everyone. But being more realistic we could have a second great depression and could have our amendments provoked. We could never get over the coronavirus and then have to live like this forever. I am just really hoping things will get better and not worse.

What Is My Code?

Apr - 02 2020 | 1 comment | By

I feel like my code is a mix of a lot of things. I try and treat everyone how I want to be treated but that’s really hard sometimes because some people make me so mad. I try and treat everybody with kindness because you never know if they are having a bad day or not. I also can be a jerk and tell people that they deserved what they got. I mean it is true but it’s actually rude too. I’m guilty for a lot of that kind of stuff. I also tease people a lot which that’s just how I am.

Good Suff

Apr - 02 2020 | no comments | By

“If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head” This is such a good saying. It’s saying that he can be stupid if he wants it’s all his problem and consequences. It means a lot but says a little. It’s saying that they don’t care what Atticus does because he deals with his own consequences. It’s another way of saying your actions have consequences whether they are good or bad. But you are the one that deals with them. I like how short and simple it is but it could mean a lot if you reall really think about it.


Mar - 26 2020 | 3 comments | By

I liked the poem and enjoyed because it had me curious. But then I started thinking about how it is related to slavery and the book. Then it made me sad. So then I realized it was really hard for black people to be happy in the 30’s. They couldn’t really accomplish their dreams. They weren’t allowed to do really anything they wanted to. So I was thinking that the poem was about how all their dreams were useless or “deferred” so he wrote a poem wondering what happened to all their dreams because they couldn’t accomplish them. It made me sad that they were treated that bad.

If I was Tom Robinson

Mar - 26 2020 | 3 comments | By

If I was Tom Robinson I would have done what he did. I would have been trying to watch everything I do so I don’t get in trouble. Because I would know that I could get in trouble for literally anything I do slightly wrong. So he would help out this young lady just to be nice. Then she is flirting with him even though he is married. So he knew that he couldn’t have this because he was married. But he also knew he couldn’t fight this because he would get in trouble for this. So when he hear Mr. Ewell yell he ran because he was scared what was going on. So I would have done the same exact thing.

How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

Mar - 24 2020 | 2 comments | By

I have been doing a lot of school work so I can stay all caught up and not have to worry about my grades to much. I have been lucky to see Mr. Green’s smiling face to make me happy. I have been doing a lot of projects and painted a lot. I have been staying healthy and fit I have been doing basically the same stuff i was doing when we still had normal school. I’m just doing it all day and then some school work. I have been able to catch up on my sleep and now I feel better and not as tired now.

Strange Fruit

Mar - 20 2020 | no comments | By

I did not like that poem at all it kind of freaked me out. I didn’t like how it was talking about fruit then it would say something about blood it was weird. I think he was trying to say black people are like strange fruit and they should rot and be left behind. I definitely 100% do not agree one bit. I think racism is the worst. I didn’t understand all the words in the poem so I might be getting everything mixed up. It all reminds me of racism and all that bad stuff from the olden days. I still don’t know if I am right about what he means but this is what I think

Blind Spots

Mar - 18 2020 | 1 comment | By

I think you can still be a good person even if you have done something bad because you may have been under the influence. They were drunk so they probably weren’t thinking right and didn’t know what they were doing. Then when Scout starting talking to Mr.Cunningham he realized what he was doing and felt bad about it. Then he told everyone else to go because he knew what he was doing was bad and would affect Atticus’ entire family. And he knew that would be bad for Atticus and the kids and then he realized what if this was happening to me. Then he packed up and left.

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