I Can Use Figurative Language

Sep - 26 2019

Mr. Green’s class is the best it’s my absolute favorite class. It’s so fun and exciting every a day to come into his class and see his smiling face. His smile is like a ray of sunshine. Then we get to read and then he tries to scare all of us by yelling. Then a […]

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

Sep - 18 2019

I think there will definitely be houses that take care of themselves and make food and clean the house up. There hopefully will be a cure for cancer and the common cold. I think that cars will be flying but not everyone can get them because they are too dangerous. People will be even more […]

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

Sep - 16 2019

“There Will Come Soft Rains” is an amazing poem written by Sara Teasdale. It was written after World War 1. It talks about peaceful things until halfway through it changes and talks about war. She basically said that you can all keep killing yourself but in the end it doesn’t matter because you are dead. […]

Small Improvements and 1% Gains

Sep - 12 2019

I can do a lot to benefit me in the future. I could learn how to wash my hand the best way so my hands don’t get infected. I could also start reading more so I can be a better reader in the future. I can also get better grades so I can get better […]

My reading journey

Sep - 04 2019

I started reading when I was 6. Then I kinda liked it so I kept reading. I started looking for more books and kept reading them. Then I started reading bigger books. I thought I was so cool after that even though I wasn’t. But when I was in third grade I really started reading […]

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