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Oct - 02 2019 | By

I have been reading a few different books. I have been reading The Infinite Sea which is a part of a series. I have also been reading Ripper which is about Jack the Ripper. Then I have read this big book of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It’s a litty book. I haven’t finished any books this year but I think Calvin and Hobbes is fire! I would totally suggest that you read it. I don’t like reading it’s kinda boring and I would rather be doing stuff then reading about fake stuff. But Mr. Green might make it so I like reading.


  1. Brantley says:

    Calvin and Hobbes is pretty great.

  2. Emaly says:

    haha sounds fun! hopefully you learn to enjoy reading more

  3. Sadie says:

    “it’s a litty book”

  4. Hudson says:

    I love comic books. Do you collect them.

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