The First Story I Read

Oct - 08 2019 | By

I chose the story A Sound of Thunder. The author is a man named Ray Bradbury. It’s kind of an interesting story. It’s about this company that uses a time machine to take you somewhere in time so you can hunt whatever animal you want. The main character’s name is Eckels’ which I think that is his last name. He is one of the customers to this company. He and two other guys are here to go hunt a dinosaur. The one guide already went back in time and figured out what dinosaur is already going to die. That way they don’t kill an important dinosaur.


  1. lydia says:

    That would be cool and scary. That’s interesting how they already knew what dinosaur was going to die.

  2. Matthew says:

    i read the same story and i liked it to and i agree it is interesting

  3. Emaly says:

    that sounds interesting! And does he sell the dinosaur? is tht his comapany?

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