Suspense and Word Choice Freewrite

Oct - 31 2019 | By

Once upon a time there was a raven that liked taunting people. It learned how to talk but only a little bit. He was jet black and had long sleek feathers. He was bored so he went to this nice house. He starting tapping on the chamber door. Then he started raping at the door. He then hears some one coming so he goes to the window. He starts knocking on the window. Then the person opened the window so he went inside. He then went and said “nevermore” and then the guy got mad and started yelling and throwing stuff. Then the raven left and went on to the next person to taunt. The End

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  1. Hayden says:

    Nice, I feel like I’m the raven to my siblings sometimes because I go around bugging them just to bug them.

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