The Good Stuff

Nov - 26 2019

I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for Mr. Green for teaching us everything we need to know about English. I am grateful for food so I am not hungry and starving and I can survive. I am grateful for my dogs that make me happy. I am grateful for my […]

Everybody Was Finally Equal

Nov - 18 2019

Our society is kinda wack. We always make fun of people for stuff they are really good at. Some people can e really good at sports. But people will be hating on them and making fun of them but nobody else can do that kind of stuff. People always do this kind of stuff with […]

What’s This Gotta Do With Me?

Nov - 12 2019

Well I haven’t ever been accused with murder but I have been accused of other things. I can’t really think of anything right now but I think we all have been accused of things. I mean whether we did it or not doesn’t matter because it’s rude when you just automatically accuse. I was accused […]

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