What’s This Gotta Do With Me?

Nov - 12 2019 | By

Well I haven’t ever been accused with murder but I have been accused of other things. I can’t really think of anything right now but I think we all have been accused of things. I mean whether we did it or not doesn’t matter because it’s rude when you just automatically accuse. I was accused of eating the last fry one time. The person who accused me was very rude about it and made me feel like a bad person. They called me fat and a pig and self centered. So guys please be careful when you accuse someone and make sure it’s really them. It’s just like in the game clue you want to be right so you can win and not embarrass yourself.


  1. McKinley says:

    That is sad that you got accused of eating the last fry. I totally would’ve eaten it, but thats besides the point. Haha. I agree that we all get accused a lot.

  2. Emaly says:

    I agree accusing someone of something not knowing if they did or did not do it is rude!

  3. lydia says:

    Haha being accused of something sucks! Especially even if it wasn’t you!!

  4. Jadynn says:

    I’ve also been accused of stupid things, but I reacted the wrong way 100%. Um, anyways, you should not be called a fat, self-centered, pig over the last fry. Someone would have eaten it anyways, and going off the logic that whoever eats that fry is fat then you can apply it to anyone so it’s stupid. Anyways, good post!

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