The First Story I Read

Oct - 08 2019 | 4 comments | By

I chose the story A Sound of Thunder. The author is a man named Ray Bradbury. It’s kind of an interesting story. It’s about this company that uses a time machine to take you somewhere in time so you can hunt whatever animal you want. The main character’s name is Eckels’ which I think that is his last name. He is one of the customers to this company. He and two other guys are here to go hunt a dinosaur. The one guide already went back in time and figured out what dinosaur is already going to die. That way they don’t kill an important dinosaur.

What I’m Reading

Oct - 02 2019 | 6 comments | By

I have been reading a few different books. I have been reading The Infinite Sea which is a part of a series. I have also been reading Ripper which is about Jack the Ripper. Then I have read this big book of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It’s a litty book. I haven’t finished any books this year but I think Calvin and Hobbes is fire! I would totally suggest that you read it. I don’t like reading it’s kinda boring and I would rather be doing stuff then reading about fake stuff. But Mr. Green might make it so I like reading.

I Can Use Figurative Language

Sep - 26 2019 | no comments | By

Mr. Green’s class is the best it’s my absolute favorite class. It’s so fun and exciting every a day to come into his class and see his smiling face. His smile is like a ray of sunshine. Then we get to read and then he tries to scare all of us by yelling. Then a few people jump as if there on a trampoline. Then we sometimes write and everyone’s pencils dance across their papers. Or some days we will go on the chrome books and type posts onto our blogs. But the best part of the whole class and the whole day is Mr. Green’s jokes. He’s so funny and fun to be around?

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

Sep - 18 2019 | 1 comment | By

I think there will definitely be houses that take care of themselves and make food and clean the house up. There hopefully will be a cure for cancer and the common cold. I think that cars will be flying but not everyone can get them because they are too dangerous. People will be even more obese because technology will be doing everything for them so nobody will do anything. I think there will indeed be war because some countries won’t want to have all this technology. There will also be wars against the robots. It will all be like in Back to the Future but with a little bit more. I think the world will be a mess.

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

Sep - 16 2019 | no comments | By

“There Will Come Soft Rains” is an amazing poem written by Sara Teasdale. It was written after World War 1. It talks about peaceful things until halfway through it changes and talks about war. She basically said that you can all keep killing yourself but in the end it doesn’t matter because you are dead. She also says that spring will wake up and won’t know that they are gone. Along with spring none of the animals will care that mankind is dead. People can still use this poem today to stop wars. Because then they will realize that war isn’t worth it. So then when people argue about something it only matters in the moment but afterwards no one will care about it. So I think the author did this because she wants all the war to stop because she knows it isn’t worth it and she is trying to let everyone else know too.

Small Improvements and 1% Gains

Sep - 12 2019 | 1 comment | By

I can do a lot to benefit me in the future. I could learn how to wash my hand the best way so my hands don’t get infected. I could also start reading more so I can be a better reader in the future. I can also get better grades so I can get better at getting good grades. I can also work out a lot more so I can be more physically fit and it can add up. I can also get better sleep so I can be ready for school and learn as much as I can. I can always find room for improvement.

My reading journey

Sep - 04 2019 | 3 comments | By

I started reading when I was 6. Then I kinda liked it so I kept reading. I started looking for more books and kept reading them. Then I started reading bigger books. I thought I was so cool after that even though I wasn’t. But when I was in third grade I really started reading the big stuff. But I think I really only read because I couldn’t think of what else to do. But now I have better things that I like to do. Nowadays reading is not for me. I don’t really like to read anymore. My favorite book is Ripper.

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