Real Courage

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I think that is a very very good definition of courage. I think courage is hard thing to define because it all depends on how you look at it. You need courage to fight in war but some of those wars can be in your head or with someone verbally. Atticus shows courage by defending Tom Robinson. It’s courage because he knows he’s gonna lose and he knows that it’s going to affect his entire family. He also knows people are going to talk about him and say nasty things about him and hate him. But he still does it because he knows it’s the right thing to do. That is courage.


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I think that it is really good that Atticus is taking this case for Tom Robinson. It shows that he is a good person. He knows that they aren’t going to win the case. But he’s still taking the case. He’s dooing it because it’s the right thing to do. If he didn’t do it then people wouldn’t like him. But even if he does take the case people are still going to hate him. So it doesn’t really matter what he chooses but if he didn’t take the case he would have felt so bad about himself. So he is doing the right thing even though it puts his family in danger and every ones going to hate him for it.

Busy Worrying About the Next World

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Sometimes people use religion as a weapon instead of a tool. People take religion way too seriously. The foot washers are like missionaries. I think she doesn’t like the super religious people. Also I’m pretty sure she doesn’t appreciate being told she’s going to hell. Some people are super religious an think they are better than everyone else and then they have to make every feel bad about themselves because they judge you and make you think you are a bad person. Then they also tell people that they are going to hell. I think people that are religious shouldn’t be thinking they are better then everyone else especially if they are religious.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

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You need to think about someone else point of view because people think different than you. If you think about other people then you won’t be selfish and not being selfish helps people to like you. People like it when you understand them so then they feel comfortable talking to you. But if people have problems or are different than you then they most likely don’t wanna talk about it. But you need to understand that people are different and come from different backgrounds. Everybody has their own problems to deal with. It helps if you aren’t rude about it an are understanding and can help them with it.

Where I’m From

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I don’t really know a lot about my family. But I know some stuff that my grandma and grandpa told me. My grandma said that we are from England and Scotland. I am related to a lot of knights and vikings. I am even related to kings and queens from England, Ireland, and some other places I can’t remember. My grandma is from St. George. Then some how she met my grandpa then they got a house in Pleasant Grove. They still live in that same house to this day. My dad and all of my aunts and uncles grew up in that house. I still go to that house.

Getting To Know My Inner Voice

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My inside voice is actually really really annoying. I always think about other things then the book. Especially when Mr. Green talks about pop tarts right before we started reading so then I got distracted with it and wanted a pop tart! Now I’m ranting about pop tarts on my blog. Anyways my inside voice is very distracting. When I try and concentrate on the book something in the book reminds me of something then I think about having an inside voice then I think about Mr. Green talking about my inside voice. Then I start to think about pop tarts! This is not helpful at all and my inside voice is very distracting.

What Would I Miss Most?

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I would miss having indoor plumbing and being able to have privacy. I would also miss having my phone so I can communicate with people who aren’t with me or near me. I would also miss having automobiles that can go off road and drive better. I would also miss not having easy jobs and not having to work outside doing hard farming stuff all the time. I also would miss having an education and knowing basic knowledge. I also would miss having funny movies and TV shows. I would also miss having all the stuff I have now and being comfortable.

What Went Wrong?

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The people who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence said that all men are created equal. They owned slaves and were okay with it. Then it took over 100 years for black people to get their freedom. The Civil War was fought because of slavery. Black people were killed all because they were black. Black people were blamed and charged for things they didn’t even do. Then when they made slavery illegal they still had to farm but they couldn’t leave their farms they worked at or else they would get arrested. It took a lot of work and time for back people to have their freedom.

Everything I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About the People I Know

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I now have a different understanding of people. Now I know how other people think and how they are. People think different than you but you may not understand. People have way different lives than you do. So you may act a certain way because of a good thing. But another person could act another way because of something bad. Also when you think something about someone then they will think that about you. People have struggles too. So you can’t judge anyone because they might be going through a lot. So when you judge someone judge yourself first. Amen.

A Whole New Year

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I want to be a better reader and writer by the end of the school year. I want to be so good at writing that people will want me to write them books so they can read my amazing work. Then I will get lots and lots of money from it all. Then I will become famous and everyone will love me. Then people will realize how good of a reader I am. They will all want me to read what they wrote and then I will be a book critic. Then I will have an interview and they will ask me how I got so good at reading and writing. Then I will say “I give all the credit to my amazing ninth grade English teacher Mr. Green.” Then Mr. Green will become a famous teacher. Then I will wake up from this dream.

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