Ah, yes. It was bound to happen: A Conspiracy Theorist would eventually come up with a nut job theory. Well, here you are. Today I’m going to convince you, how the once innocent Nickelodeon TV Show, Lazytown, is actually an Allegory for Communism.

First off, let’s look at the name. “Lazytown”. As the name implies, and the show discusses, all the citizens of Lazytown are very lazy, and unwilling to work without compensation, they also do the least amount of work possible, and still manage to end the day with a smile on their face, and what we can only assume to be a substantial amount of cash in their pockets.

In addition, the fat kid who always seems to have lollypop, “Ziggy”, is a symbol of western overindulgence.

Ziggy can be seen here, enjoying a red and white striped lollypop. His costume always bears three colors: Red, white, and blue. Red, white, and blue, as we all know, are the three colors on the American flag. This cannot be viewed as a coincidence, and hints that the western world, specifically America, is guilty of overindulgence. The LazyTown Wiki describes Ziggy,

Ziggy has a big heart – and an appetite to match. He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto. His goofy enthusiasm and good cheer provide a constant boost to everyone around him. He’s always one of the first to embrace a new idea or to say ‘yes’ to an adventure, but he’s just as easily distracted, especially by – mmmm – ‘Choco-Sugar-Yummies’.”

The Wiki page clearly describes him to be ever consuming, just as America is. “He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto.” It also explains him as, “the first to embrace a new idea or to say ‘yes’ to an adventure.” This can be likened to the United States during both world wars: They condemned Germany and the central powers and axis powers, but were slow to the war.

The town’s mayor, Mayor Meanswell, is exactly as his name states: He means well, but is ineffectual. He constantly promises change, and to help the town, but his promises have no discernible results.  Like most well-meaning Communist leaders, Mayor Meanswell is just a victim of a ruthless ideology, doomed from the start. He also is continually reelected, without opposition.

But, the question is… Does he really mean well? The LazyTown Wiki page says, “The Mayor often doubles as the town librarian, postmaster, banker, shopkeeper and any other role for which he’s needed.” This obviously is showing the role Communist Governments play in citizen’s lives: EVERYTHING. He controls education as the librarian, freedom of speech as the postmaster, their income as the banker, and what they can and can’t buy as the shopkeeper. Essentially, Mayor Meanswell is a tyrannical dictator, with an iron fist enclosed around LazyTown.

Now, the biggest tip off: Robbie Rotten. Robbie Rotten looks exactly like a capitalist. Yes. With the slicked back hair, the greedy, beady eyes, and the expensive suit he’s always parading around in. Robbie perfectly portrays the greedy capitalist, looking to exploit the poor man. The Wiki reads: “His most passionate desire is to burst Sportacus’s balloon, both figuratively and literally.” This says the the world of capitalism seeks to ruin, and bring down communism. Before we bash on Robbie Rotten, in the episode, “Double Trouble”, Robbie Rotten dresses up as the mayor, and changes a bunch of the town’s rules. In an announcement to the town, he says, “You can all wake up at noon! You don’t have to go to school! Eat all the cake you want!” This implies three things: One, they can all wake up at noon. Obviously, only a Communist dictatorship would have forced wake up times, so that the workers can do as much work as possible. Secondly, with the removal of forced school times, the citizens no longer have to experience the brainwashing sessions. In addition, they aren’t forced to not eat cake! Rotten Robbie should be revered and hailed as a democratic, capitalist revolutionary.

Our final topic, Sportucus. The main character. Sportucus almost clearly shouts, “Communism!” that I must say I’m surprised they didn’t dress him in red. First off, Sportucus constantly reminds the citizens that it’s better to put of immediate pleasures, and achieve the long-term goals. Where else have we heard this? Animal Farm. Sportucus’ name is similar to “Spartacus”, who many communist groups and organizations argue was the earliest example of a revolting working class. (The Slaves.) Karl Marx himself argued that, “[Spartacus is] … a real representative of the ancient proletariat.” (Can be found here.)  The final example? “Sportucus” looks and sounds roughly like “Spartakiad”, a the Soviet version of the Olympics.

Sportucus = Obsessed with sports.

Spartakiad = About sports.


Thank you, that’s all.



Disclaimer: Although I put roughly an hour of my time into this, I in NO way, shape, or form support the idea of communism, socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism, or liberalism, or any left-wing ideology, for that matter.

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