Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence was trying to tell them that it’s best not to go too extreme. If they blow things out of proportion, their whole marriage is going to end in a train wreck. It’s pretty good advice on the Friar’s part, but I think it’s falling on deaf ears. As we’ve already witnessed, Juliet really has no idea what’s going on, and Romeo is running around loving anything standing on two legs.

We’ve all heard the story, and we all know they’re going to take this stuff to extreme, and end up dead because of their extremity. I think that they could’ve taken this more slowly, but, then we wouldn’t have a story, would we? Anyway, not my problem. Oh well.


Friar Lawrence

6 thoughts on “Love Moderately

  1. I agree before reading the book I thought they were both like knowing what was going on and I did not know they got married the 2nd day they met. It seems like they like each other but in the play it is a little confusing.

  2. I agree that sometimes the stories are messed up and don’t make sense, but without those messed up parts we wouldn’t really have a story.

  3. i totally agree. They need to take things slowly because they or married the day after they met. That is a little strange

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