Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence was trying to tell them that it’s best not to go too extreme. If they blow things out of proportion, their whole marriage is going to end in a train wreck. It’s pretty good advice on the Friar’s part, but I think it’s falling on deaf ears. As we’ve already witnessed, Juliet really has no idea what’s going on, and Romeo is running around loving anything standing on two legs.

We’ve all heard the story, and we all know they’re going to take this stuff to extreme, and end up dead because of their extremity. I think that they could’ve taken this more slowly, but, then we wouldn’t have a story, would we? Anyway, not my problem. Oh well.


Friar Lawrence

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare

I guess schools should still teach Shakespeare. Sure, it sounds like the bible, and he’s been dead for hundreds of years, but it’s just Shakespeare. It’s not hardcore Nazi doctrine. There’s no harm in spending some time on it, even if it’s just a few weeks. It provides a good challenge, helps students read stuff that will require them to think and understand it, and it has relevant messages. For example, if you have students read, To Kill a Mockingbird (Which is coming under heat for “subliminal racial messages and/or slurs”, but that’s a topic for another time) then they might have to puzzle out words here and there, but TKAM isn’t that hard of a book. Whereas Shakespeare is a bit more lot more tough, and requires more concentration on the read itself. I guess you could argue that this takes away from the message/story of his writings, but this is good practice on reading hard things.

America salutes Mr. Green for making us read this stuff.

CONSPIRACY THEORY – Communism in LazyTown

Ah, yes. It was bound to happen: A Conspiracy Theorist would eventually come up with a nut job theory. Well, here you are. Today I’m going to convince you, how the once innocent Nickelodeon TV Show, Lazytown, is actually an Allegory for Communism.

First off, let’s look at the name. “Lazytown”. As the name implies, and the show discusses, all the citizens of Lazytown are very lazy, and unwilling to work without compensation, they also do the least amount of work possible, and still manage to end the day with a smile on their face, and what we can only assume to be a substantial amount of cash in their pockets.

In addition, the fat kid who always seems to have lollypop, “Ziggy”, is a symbol of western overindulgence.

Ziggy can be seen here, enjoying a red and white striped lollypop. His costume always bears three colors: Red, white, and blue. Red, white, and blue, as we all know, are the three colors on the American flag. This cannot be viewed as a coincidence, and hints that the western world, specifically America, is guilty of overindulgence. The LazyTown Wiki describes Ziggy,

Ziggy has a big heart – and an appetite to match. He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto. His goofy enthusiasm and good cheer provide a constant boost to everyone around him. He’s always one of the first to embrace a new idea or to say ‘yes’ to an adventure, but he’s just as easily distracted, especially by – mmmm – ‘Choco-Sugar-Yummies’.”

The Wiki page clearly describes him to be ever consuming, just as America is. “He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto.” It also explains him as, “the first to embrace a new idea or to say ‘yes’ to an adventure.” This can be likened to the United States during both world wars: They condemned Germany and the central powers and axis powers, but were slow to the war.

The town’s mayor, Mayor Meanswell, is exactly as his name states: He means well, but is ineffectual. He constantly promises change, and to help the town, but his promises have no discernible results.  Like most well-meaning Communist leaders, Mayor Meanswell is just a victim of a ruthless ideology, doomed from the start. He also is continually reelected, without opposition.

But, the question is… Does he really mean well? The LazyTown Wiki page says, “The Mayor often doubles as the town librarian, postmaster, banker, shopkeeper and any other role for which he’s needed.” This obviously is showing the role Communist Governments play in citizen’s lives: EVERYTHING. He controls education as the librarian, freedom of speech as the postmaster, their income as the banker, and what they can and can’t buy as the shopkeeper. Essentially, Mayor Meanswell is a tyrannical dictator, with an iron fist enclosed around LazyTown.

Now, the biggest tip off: Robbie Rotten. Robbie Rotten looks exactly like a capitalist. Yes. With the slicked back hair, the greedy, beady eyes, and the expensive suit he’s always parading around in. Robbie perfectly portrays the greedy capitalist, looking to exploit the poor man. The Wiki reads: “His most passionate desire is to burst Sportacus’s balloon, both figuratively and literally.” This says the the world of capitalism seeks to ruin, and bring down communism. Before we bash on Robbie Rotten, in the episode, “Double Trouble”, Robbie Rotten dresses up as the mayor, and changes a bunch of the town’s rules. In an announcement to the town, he says, “You can all wake up at noon! You don’t have to go to school! Eat all the cake you want!” This implies three things: One, they can all wake up at noon. Obviously, only a Communist dictatorship would have forced wake up times, so that the workers can do as much work as possible. Secondly, with the removal of forced school times, the citizens no longer have to experience the brainwashing sessions. In addition, they aren’t forced to not eat cake! Rotten Robbie should be revered and hailed as a democratic, capitalist revolutionary.

Our final topic, Sportucus. The main character. Sportucus almost clearly shouts, “Communism!” that I must say I’m surprised they didn’t dress him in red. First off, Sportucus constantly reminds the citizens that it’s better to put of immediate pleasures, and achieve the long-term goals. Where else have we heard this? Animal Farm. Sportucus’ name is similar to “Spartacus”, who many communist groups and organizations argue was the earliest example of a revolting working class. (The Slaves.) Karl Marx himself argued that, “[Spartacus is] … a real representative of the ancient proletariat.” (Can be found here.)  The final example? “Sportucus” looks and sounds roughly like “Spartakiad”, a the Soviet version of the Olympics.

Sportucus = Obsessed with sports.

Spartakiad = About sports.


Thank you, that’s all.



Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

The things I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of this year, was to become a World Renowned Pulitzer Prize winner. Unfortunately, I have not accomplished this yet. The things I have done well with, is getting an A- or higher! I’m pretty content with that grade, but now that I say that, I realize many Honor Kids probably scoff at the A-…


As for the struggles, I think reading my Supplementary Reading book was hard, considering it was a lame book. “Cold Sassy Tree”. Don’t read it. I consider myself good when it comes to finishing a book, weather I like it or not, but this book was one of my exceptions! It was boring, and chock-full of southern accent stereotypes! (“Howdy, y’all, git thet there box off my floor, ’cause, I gotta get meh some of dat ‘der wis-kay! Yee-haw. Imma  Cun-fed-erate to teh core! Any-une from the North stinks!”) You get the point. I just couldn’t anymore…


As for my end of year goal, I think I’ll just try to finish off that 50 Book Challenge© and get my card up to the 50’s Spot.


What Makes a Person Great

I think, what really makes a good person, is how they lead. How they respond to turmoil within their country, and what they do about it. A great person, if necessary, fights back, and doesn’t stand there and take it. A great person would also help lead others to victory, and not just themselves. Help get everyone out of the turmoil, and help restore everything.

That’s what I think makes a great person…


This is starting to sound somewhat similar to a Communist uprising…  “Throw off the chains of our oppression, and rise up against the Czar!”

To Kill a Mockingbird Review


This Blog Post will discuss the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and may contain opinions of the author of this blog post. Any names, places, or references have been removed to satisfy the agreements of the Non-Spoiler Policy© as stated on Google Classroom.

The Book

This book, without discussing spoilers, is about people growing up in the south*. These two people, Jem and Scout, live in Maycomb County, with their father, Atticus. They meet their friend, Dill,  and go on many adventures with him. The plot becomes complicated when Tom Robinson is accused of assaulting a girl, and their father is tasked with defending Tom at the court case.  *(Strikeouts were added to remove any names, places, or references, as stated in the Disclaimer)

Mr. Green said the book was very popular, and “a classic”. I thought it was going to be “OK”, but it turned out really great! It was funny, and kept me interested to the point where I decided to read ahead! (A decision I would later regret when attempting to discuss it with my classmates) The only problem I had was with Southern Accents. It was a little hard to understand at times, but not too difficult. Other than that, it was an awesome book!


The Film

I think the film wasn’t too bad. It did well with portraying the characters, and it did really good with the Court Scene. But, I wish it had included more scenes with Jem and Scout’s childhood. All the hooligan fun they got into. It did a pretty good intro on that, but I wished it had done more than just that. But for a film interpretation, they did good! Scenes were awesome, that acting wasn’t as as cheesy as I was expecting, and overall, just a fun movie to watch. I’d have to say, this is a pretty good film for anyone. Anyone too young to read the book, or anyone who doesn’t want to read it.


The Good Stuff

“Don’t fool yourselves–it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it” (252)


Wise old Atticus. It the full context of the quote, he’s talking about how the blacks are being mistreated, and that they aren’t going to stand much more of it any longer, and that it’s going to blow up. If this is 1930ish, then in a short 34 years, the Civil Rights Act will be passed, “that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”


Atticus foresaw, that trouble was brewing, and also in the book, he says something like, “I just hope it doesn’t happen in your children’s time.” Meaning, he knows it’s going to be one heck of a ride, especially for the south, and he hopes his kids don’t have to deal with it. It was a pretty tough time, one of violence and extreme racism.


Another interesting thing I found out, Harper Lee most likely predicted it. The book was published in 1960, 4 years before the Civil Rights Act was passed.


An edgy quote…

“One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.”


~Otto von Bismarck, 1888 (26 Years before the start of World War One)


I find this quote funny, because Bismarck knew how ridiculous things were in the Balkans.


If you look at the map, just above Serbia is where Austria-Hungary once was. Austria-Hungary controlled Bosnia and Herzegovina. On a visit to Imperial Austrian-Hungarian forces stationed there, the Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, was shot and killed by a Serbian nationalist. Where? In the Balkans. It became even more ridiculous when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, which caused Russia to declare war on Austria-Hungary, which caused Germany to declare war on Russia and Serbia, which cause France and the United Kingdom to declare war on Austria-Hungary, and Germany, which caused the Ottoman Empire to declare war on Serbia, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom…


Not to mention the countless other countries roped into this.


Welcome to the First World War.

An Authority on Courage: Pope Francis

Hello, young troubled soul, my name is Pope Francis, current Pope of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome, and Sovereign of Vatican City. It’s not easy ruling the Catholic Church. But, the hardest part of my job, and the part that takes the most courage would probably be running Vatican City. The crime rates are unbelievable, as is rent. You wouldn’t believe how much is costs just to live here. And don’t even get me started on finding a good fast food joint. I have to travel out of the country just to get myself a Big Mac.

Anyway, back on to the topic of courage. Sometimes, real courage is just taking control of the Catholic Church. It’s definitely not easy, considering the 300 Million dollars alone the Vatican Brings in every year. Not to mention the priceless artifacts and sculptures the Catholic Church owns. Don’t get me wrong, as fun as it is to throw money at the problem, it doesn’t always work. To have good courage, just dedicate your life to one of the World’s largest religions.


Real Courage

I think Atticus is a pretty wise Guru sometimes. That’s a good definition, although, not many people would follow it. You just have to go ahead sometimes, even if you don’t like the outcome. And occasionally, just like at the slot machines in Vegas, you get lucky. Not all the time, most of the time you waste all your money on Blackjack and Slots, and then you have to sleep in a edgy motel, but not all the time. But, real courage is being brave enough to test your luck on Roulette.


I think this Atticus guy is pretty wise. In fact, I don’t think he’s so much a lawyer as he is a wise old man who sits atop a small green hill surrounded by tobacco and cotton fields, in a toga robe, chatting it up with Mahatma Gandhi, and other spiritual Guru’s.