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Today I learned how to edit pictures in photoshop express. I edited the picture above and a couple more from my recent trip to Shanghai. It was very fun and useful. Over the couple weeks we don’t have another sips day I’m going to take more pictures and edit them next time. I will also bring in my camera so I can learn how to use it to the best of its ability.


1/12: Today I started my photography portfolio. I started by figuring out if my current camera is going to be good enough for the quality pictures I want to take. I read a bunch of reviews about it, and they all say it is good enough. My next step was to figure out if I’m going to have access to photoshop to edit my pictures, and I haven’t yet figured out if it’s available on my laptop. I spent the rest of class looking at different styles of editing. I was looking at different photographers style.

Next week I’m planning on bringing my camera and laptop, so I can start experimenting with the different modes on my camera and edit a picture I have of my dog.

My SIPS Pitch

  1. I want to learn more about photography. It intrigues me and I would like to be able to take awesome pictures.
  2. My questions are: How do the different settings on my camera make the picture better? How do you get the best lighting for pictures? and How to edit pictures?
  3. I’m hoping that my project will be able to inspire people by picking a good subject for the photo series that really means something, but if I cannot make that happen, I would like to help someone learn how to photograph as well.
  4. My expert will be either my family friend, or a photographer that I really like.

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