1. I chose photography for my SIPS project because I’ve always liked playing around with cameras on trips and I wanted to develop that skill so I could take even cooler pictures. Not a lot of people will benefit from my end project, but I had so much fun doing it and I will hopefully be able to use it in the future. I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to learn and accomplish. My project took place in a ton of different places. I researched most of my tips in class, but I took pictures in a tooon of different places. There are pictures from Shanghai and Hong Kong; my backyard; the mountains; Provo; etc. There is a lot of variety in my pictures. Xandri and Alanna helped a lot with my project; they came with me to take pictures and doing it with other people made it really fun and a lot easier for me.
  2. A big roadblock I encountered was being comfortable in taking pictures and being confident in my ability. I overcame this by taking pictures with my best friends and they helped me feel a lot more comfortable with it. If I had the chance to do this again, I would pick another topic that is super interesting and worked on it hard. If I was doing photography again I would try to get out of my comfort zone more and photograph things I wouldn’t normally.
  3. My biggest success was finally figuring out how to edit pictures so that they were balanced. I would always over expose or sharpen it way too much and it was way over edited, but by the end of my project I think my editing was balanced and worked out fantastic.
  4. With this project one of the things I learned was how to adjust the exposure directly on my camera so that the subject of my photo would stand out.SIPS was definitely worth my time. I wish I would have worked harder on it and taken advantage of this time I had to learn about things that really interested me more. I didn’t really learn anything that necessarily helped me with my English skills, but I did learn a lot to help me be able to photograph better, and get me to do things I wouldn’t necessarily. I hope this will stay with me as I move on in life.
  5. I was able to attend the showcase. It was an amazing experience. I loved seeing everybody’s amazing projects and how talented all my peers are. It showed me sides of people I would never have expected. I saw people’s projects that were incredibly detailed and you could tell they had put a ton of time into them and they meant a lot to them. It was so cool to see what my peers are interested in.


1.I edited some pictures today. Xan, Alanna, and I took a bunch of pictures in downtown Provo last week. We had a BLAST and got a lot of work done.

2.I think I would have liked SIPS a lot more if I picked a topic that I was more invested in. If I had done that I think I would have loved it.

3. I would tell them to pick a topic that they have always been interested in and not procrastinate.


Today I worked on learning about portrait photography and how to make the subject stand out. In order to be ready for the show case I have set a time for Alanna and I to take pictures together and then I’ll have to make a video showcasing all of them.


  1. I learned about song writing today.
  2. I was thinking and I decided that just photography wasn’t going to be enough, so I decided to write a song to go along with my slideshow. I need to think of a theme probably about complacency or something and I’ll take some pictures at the march for our lives tomorrow. I just need to get it done.
  3. I’m hoping to inspire people to stand up for what they believe in.


Alanna and I talked about how we edit our pictures and made plans to take pictures together. I edited some of my pictures that I have previously taken. I looked at Matt Halladay’s blog.  I wasn’t able to comment on his post because it wouldn’t let me.


I’m kinda getting bored with my project. There isn’t much to do during school, and I feel like I already know the basics of photography. One of the problems is that I haven’t had time to take photos out of school very much. I want to finish this project soon, so I’ll have to take photos this week.


Today I Figured out how to use my camera to it’s best ability. I watched a couple youtube videos. Xandri and I are going to have a photoshoot sometime this week, so by next time I’ll have some more photos to edit. I feel like I got a 3 out of 5, I was pretty distracted.


Before                                                                    After


Today I learned how to edit pictures in photoshop express. I edited the picture above and a couple more from my recent trip to Shanghai. It was very fun and useful. Over the couple weeks we don’t have another sips day I’m going to take more pictures and edit them next time. I will also bring in my camera so I can learn how to use it to the best of its ability.


1/12: Today I started my photography portfolio. I started by figuring out if my current camera is going to be good enough for the quality pictures I want to take. I read a bunch of reviews about it, and they all say it is good enough. My next step was to figure out if I’m going to have access to photoshop to edit my pictures, and I haven’t yet figured out if it’s available on my laptop. I spent the rest of class looking at different styles of editing. I was looking at different photographers style.

Next week I’m planning on bringing my camera and laptop, so I can start experimenting with the different modes on my camera and edit a picture I have of my dog.

My SIPS Pitch

  1. I want to learn more about photography. It intrigues me and I would like to be able to take awesome pictures.
  2. My questions are: How do the different settings on my camera make the picture better? How do you get the best lighting for pictures? and How to edit pictures?
  3. I’m hoping that my project will be able to inspire people by picking a good subject for the photo series that really means something, but if I cannot make that happen, I would like to help someone learn how to photograph as well.
  4. My expert will be either my family friend, or a photographer that I really like.
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