An Authority on Courage and Integrity.

The first person who comes to my mind when I think of when I need help when I’m facing a hard time in front of me. Most of the time I think about my team as a whole, Lacrosse team to be specific. None of us go through things on our own, we work it out as a team, we fight with each other like we are brothers, we bring each other up to reach our goals. No one goes without help. We would say “keep your head high, if you ever feel like you are at the bottom, realize that there is only room to go up from there. There is nothing stopping you from being you. So head into this crazy world with open arms.”

Blind Spots

I believe that what Atticus was trying to say is that some people who are good at heart, get thrown into a situation where they feel like it’s only socially acceptably to hate on curtain group of people or a single person, and in that situation can cause people to do irrational things, such as linching someone for there skin color. I do believe in what Atticus is saying about how he is a good person at heart but just doesn’t know what to do in those situations. I think it’s also important to know that Cunningham Jr recognized who scout was, and knew that she helped him.

Beliefs and Actions

The way I feel about belief windows is that they are very important to the way people act, think, do, and even talk. It effects everything we do. It is important for us to know what our beliefs are because when we are faced with hard ships in our life, we need to be able to determine what is good and what is bad. They are formed by the way we are raised, and taught how to behave. Because if you don’t believe in something, like racism, then you don’t do racist things, and you rebel against it, then you teach your kids that and the cycle continues.

What am I reading?

I am currently reading “Wolfs, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me.” A book about a girl named KJ goes to a West End High school, based in Wyoming. KJ is a a writer for her school paper, and when wolves are brought back into yellow stone, she desired to write about them in a non political way, where people could express there concerns and provide facts to both sides. When a boy, named Virgil, who moves into the town for only a couple months, who’s mother studies wolves, runs into some trouble after a stunt that goes very wrong.

I think the book has been holding up to my expectations. I really don’t like the time skips, it frequently will skip days, weeks, or even months, but I really do like the way the author explains everything

Review of Narrative

This story is about a young man named Ashton, who is a high school lacrosse star. He has everything lined up but when he gets into a dangerous accident, he has a detrimental issue in front of him. I felt like some of the word play was very good, like he thought through it before he wrote it. I feel like he could have spent some more time on the ending, it felt very forced. He made you feel like you are at the height of his season and then after the crash it felt like he was at his lowest ever. People who would enjoy this book would be people who are in a situation or are afraid of what happens in the story.

1% Gain

I feel like I can improve on my reading proficiency in understanding and retaining memory from a book. So today I will begin to write down what happened in my book between the pages that I read, along with that I will try to explain why and where it happened at, who it happened to and how it effected them. I will boil down it the basic facts of what happened. I also feel like this will increase my clarity in my penmanship and my proficient to spell things correctly without fail. I will begin today by fallowing up to my book right after school.

Tell me.

In later this month my sister is getting married in France, and then her and her new husband with my parents will be doing a tour of all of the UK countries. I’m very happy for my sister. In January between the 10-14 I will be going to Boise Idaho, for a lacrosse tournament, and then a week after that I will be flying out to Philadelphia for a lacrosse convention to talk about shooting and how to get higher speeds while being more accurate. Also my almost 13 year old pug birthday will be on December 21! My birthday is on January 30th.

Who am I as a reader?

As a reader I am always looking for a subtle hint to the ending. I love trying to figure out the ending before it even is being discussed. Or I am looking for a path to the ending, like trying to guess what is going to be happening to the main character in it before the ending. Another one is I really like looking for metaphors. My current book that I am reading “Wolves, Boys, & other things that kill me.” is a really good example of having metaphors. I love looking for the growth of people in books, like i love when I finish a book and then I read the book over and see how the characters grow and evolve.

About me

My name is Nicholas Hoover and I love lacrosse, I really enjoy my family and friends. I am almost 15 ( in January) and my favorite subject in school is science, specifically earth science, I also play lacrosse for Pleasant Grove and I am an attack men. I also really like drawing and playing video games. My comfort food is a breakfast bacon and egg and cheese burrito from betos. I also have a dog that is a rescue dog, he has a really sad story behind him but we still love him. I also have a little fat pig, i mean pug, he is 13! And he is blind and def, but we still love him.

How did i do first term?

I felt like writing all of my blogs and stories (except for one) was done with proficiency and was done on time. Now I do believe that I as a person can improve on my writing but i feel like that will be improved not by only time but with using the correct skills I will be working on more, such as my vocabulary list, I feel like if I used more configuring words that it might improve not only me but also my scores. My goal for this term is to get at least an “A” due to the fact that I had a b+ it last terms and I just want to see the “A.”