In my  book  The Graveyard Book setting is in a graveyard. The main character’s’ name is nobody.  He is living in a graveyard with his Mom, Dad and Silas. Silas is Bods’ guardian.  He takes care of him and brings him food and water. He sleeps in the chapel in his graveyard.

The graveyard is full of lots of things.  There are tomb stones everywhere.  Bod wanders around the garden at night.  When he meets a girl it is day.  He goes around the graveyard with the girl for a long time during the day.

He lives in a graveyard in London, and London is know to always be dark and look like it’s about to rain.  Bod is hiding from the murder who killed his parents and in the first chapter it tells me that it’s dark and that the moon is full.  The killer tells me that it was also a bit cloudy.

My book’s main character Bod tells me while he is with the girl that it is hot outside which makes me presume that it was summer.  After a page or two of the book the seasons change and the leaves start to turn different colors which tells me that it is autumn.


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