Parent teacher conference blog post

Dear Mom or Dad,  I am reading The Graveyard Book in my English class.  Here is a link for some of what we have been doing inside class. I’m currently on page 135.  In the  20 minutes of in-class reading time, I read about 40 pages In those 20 minutes, I read about 100% of the time.  It will take me about 14 more in class reading times to finish the book.  Or 6 pages everyday.

During class I’m good right now because I don’t really like who I am sitting by.  When I am with my friend I’m some what helpful I try to help people with their work.  But when I’m with certain friend I pay no attention.  That is not the case in English.

I’m doing good in all my scores.  I turned in my WE THE PEOPLE paper and now have an a in History.  My English grade has stayed an A the inter year so far.  I have ether 100 or higher in all my classes.  I loved sitting in the corner because of  who I was sitting by.  I’m putting a picture on here because you have to see that I can so I’m putting a picture of a baby hedgehog.  Thank you for checking how good I am.

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