In my book The Graveyard Book my main characters name is bod.  The main character is the person who is faced with the conflict and must find the solution.  The problem in my book is that bod is not safe and wants to go outside.  Bod is the main character because he is the point of view that we are following around.  He is also the only one who is faced with the big problem.  A few of the minor characters are Miss Lupez, Mr. and Mrs. Owens.  Mrs and Mr Owens are Bods parents but Silas is is guardian.  Bod goes to them in times of distress or when Silas isn’t there. Wikipedia States “A supporting character is a character in a narrative that is not focused on by the primary story-line, but appears or is mentioned in the story enough ” is what a minor character is.  All the characters that I stated are in the book over and over.  Bod talks to his parents all the time in the book.  Miss Lupez is his substitute gardien.  She makes him do things and takes care of Bod when Silas can’t.

The dictionary tells us that static charters are “lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.”  but in a book a static character does not change.   Another thing that the dictionary stated was that it was an adjective. One of my characters that doesn’t change is Mrs Owens.  She is only worried about Bod’s safety.  She doesn’t change at all but most of the characters don’t change in my book their ghosts and there job is not to change.  Round characters do change.  “By contrast, round characters are complex and undergo development, sometimes sufficiently to surprise the reader.” tell us that.  One of my round characters is Silas.  He is constantly changing his mind. At first he don’t want Bod to go out but 50 pages later Bod is going to school under the influence of  Silas.  20 pages later Bod is again forbidden to go outside of the graveyard.  The Protagonist or main charater is the person in the story who wants change.  My protagonist is Bod.  He wants to find the person who killed his family.  Everyone else wants him to be safe.

Antagonists are the people staining in the way of change.  The Antagonist in my story is Silas.  He doesn’t want bod to find Jack (the killer).  He keeps the information away from him and makes sure he doesn’t find it. “The nemsis is the is a long standing rival; an archenemy.” The dictionary says.  The only person in this story who is a long lasting problem is Jack.  He killed Bods parents and sister.  He is the person that Bod can never get to.  Sidekicks can fulfill one or multiple functions, such as a counterpoint to the hero. Is what Wikipedia had to say about a side kick.  Bods sidekick is Scarlet.  She is always Bods friend.  In the beginning of the book Scarlet and Box play together in the graveyard.  Scarlett and Box have adventures all the time.  In the middle of the book Scarlett comes to Bod and tells him to just be her friend and she is.  When Bod is older and stars to try and learn who Jack is Scarlet helps him.

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