In my book The Graveyard Book the plot structure is most like the rivalry plot line.  In the rivalry plot is when the characters are trying to find each other in a different way.  One character is going uphill to find the information one is going down hill.  In my story Bod is trying to find Jack.  Jack is also trying to find Bod.  Jack is trying to find Bod all over London but it turns out that he was just were he left him in the graveyard.  Jack is trying to kill Bod because he was supposed to kill him and all his old friends.  Bod is trying to find Jack because he killed his family.  Another conflict in my story is revenge.  Jack is trying to kill Bod the entire time because he thinks that Bod is going to kill him.  Bod is trying to kill Jack because he killed his family.  The rival plot line is when one of the main characters is driven to want to hurt or kill the other one because they did something in the past that the character didn’t like or kill someone they were very close too.  The last plot structure that I’m going to talk about is discovery.  The discovery plot line consists of: as you go through out the story you start to find things about your past or something that happened to you that you didn’t know about.  In my book Bod is trying to find out who killed his parents and who did it.  When he learns he wants to go after them and learn more about his family.

The main conflict in my book is Man vs Man.  It’s man vs man because it is Jack vs Bod.  The entire book Jack is trying to find Bod and Bod is trying to find Jack.  They both want the other one dead thanks to Bods family.  The book has lots of little conflicts that prepare Bod for Jack.  One conflict that I liked a lot was when he learned how to fade.  In the story his friend really wants a gravestone so he goes and finds it for her.  His plan was to buy one but when he goes to get it the man at the shop kidnapped him.  He had to learn to fade to get out.  He does with the help of his witch friend Eliza.  Another of my favorite little conflicts is when he learns to dream walk.  He is trying to scare a bully at his school and he does.

But my all time favorite part is when Scarlet and Bod fight the Jacks of all trades.  Scarlet’s charter is known to be brave and always thinks she is in trouble.  She also don’t need anyone she just wants a friend. But she trusts Bod and he shoves her in to a whole in the ground with lots a scary ghosts.  While Bod fights the Jacks of many trades Scarlet has to stand in a whole and wait for them.  Another reason I love that part is because it is the climax.  All of the things that Bod has learned come back and help him defeat the Jack of all trades.  That is why it is my favorite part.

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