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Dear Sekou Andrews,

When I read your poem “The Anthem of Awesome” it intrigued me. Lots of people are losing hope with every bad thing that is going on.    Like the better where the best once was.  Well things were bad before.  Things like that happened. People still died and were sad and had no hope.  You suggest that Every gray hair a trophy. That bad things that have happened to you have made you stronger. I think that everyone should feel that way.  That you shouldn’t lose hope.

My brother has his heart set on being in the military.  He wants to do the hardest job there.  I love my brother more than anyone in the world.  He will come back from the military with scares and cuts if he doesn’t die. That is why I added the picture of two air-force pilots shaking hands. He thanks the military everyday and thanks God that we live in a place where he can be what ever he wants.  I think that your poem is helping me realize that losing him will be a sad blow but, I should be grateful for everything else.

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