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During Christmas brake my big sister came home.  She is in her first year college and doesn’t get to go home very often. There was an extra bed in my room, that is where she sleeps.  We stayed up till 3 every night.  On time we were on her phone watching a show.  I asked her if she was a sleep multiple times she always answered yes.  I just learned that she had been sleep talking the entire time.  I love having my big sister home.

book I have chosen for term 3 is Scarlet.   I choose the book because I had already read the first one and wanted to read another one.  The author is Marissa Meyer. Here is a link to her website. The reading level for Scarlet is 12 to 18 years old.  Here is a link to amazon for any other information you might need.

A goal for 2018 is to do more with my hair.  I am pretty good at hair and have learned lots of things to do with it and I would like to put my learning experience to work.   I want to never leave it down with out something in it again.  I could do braids french dutch or rope.  I can do buns pony tales or a mixture of both. I am so exsided for the new year.


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