Extra Credit

 This famous painting of Ophelia is by Sir John Evertt Millais.  The painting shows a young woman with magnolia skin and a buff dress with red, blue and yellow buttercups on top of her as she floats down the river as the green trees and shrubs bid her farewell to the world she knew.  The shrubs line the way to a new beginning to for Ophelia and seem to be saying goodbye as she peacefully floats downstream.  Half of the greenery is still underwater while Ophelia is swept away.  She is floating on top of all of the greenery, her bodice looks damp while her skirt is still underneath a sheet of water.  As Ophelia held on to dear life she seemed to be able to only care about grasping on to a flower as she took her own life.  Sir Millais named the painting Ophelia to show what he thought of her, in my perspective he viewed her as a young women who lost her way and deserves more credit than the world gives her.  The painting reminds me of a song called “If I Die Young”.  It talks about a girl who is contemplating suicide and how if she does kill herself  she wants to be “Laid down in a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn.”.  The girl in the song is just like Ophelia she has a dilemma and doesn’t know quite how to solve it.  Then they both decide that the only answer is to take your own life.  That is what the painting is showing.  It tells a story that a young girl who is lost and thinks that the only way to solve a problem is to make it so it’s not yours.  It tells you that people don’t always take in consideration what they are doing and how it will affect other people not just themselves.  It also convases to me that we all want people to be happy and do what they want in life.  It makes me think that if you take your own life you don’t have opportunities to have fun and do what makes you happy and you will make other people unhappy while you do that.  People all around us are struggling with depression and low self- esteem. They think that no one is there for them and don’t care if they do something but people are there for them and do care more than they think.   I think that this painting tells you a story that if you decide that dying is better than living than the world will mourn for the poor choose you made.

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