Reading test scores

I got a 1272 on my reading test.  I feel good about it I could technically go in to college right now and be fine.  I have no clue to how I am from the rest of the year to now and I don’t know if I got any better or worse.  I am still reading at home when my mother takes my phone away.  Sometimes I read on that too.

I read 3 books in class After the kiss, Ever and the Leviathan.  I choose the book Ever to report on it was my favorite one and I could come up with the objects a lot  faster than the other two.  My book report worked out pretty well.  But I do wish that I would have done it earlier so I could have gotten extra credit.

Hopefully I will have straight A’s in term 4 but I would have to talk to my Math teacher.  I will hopefully have a job and a part in the Sound Of Music.  For English I want to read Winter but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it.  I would also love to read the maze runner or Brandon Mulls new Fantasy book.

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