Term 4 book report

I chose Cress for my book report.  I chose it because it was the next book in one of my favorite series. I loved all of the books and it seemed really good. Image result for cress by marissa meyer


It is for young adults 12-18 year-old’s  It is 550 pages and has a 840 lexis.  My main character is 18 years old, and lives in space.  I says on amazon that it is for grades seven through twelfth.

Marissa Meyer is a well known american author.  She has earned her space on the new York times best seller list with the first book in the series.  She has been given multiple rewards in all of the books she has written.

My main characters name is Cress.  She lives in space and urine’s for companionship.  She has lived alone in a sateillight all her live.  She is also a computer genus and a shell.  In her country people have a gift to control peoples minds with their own.  She can not control anyone’s mind but know one can control her ether.

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