Beliefs and Actions

I hated the way that Ben Benson stated this concept of if you have a belief that it makes the whole world only do that one thing and can never change.  He did a horrendous job of saying that your beliefs and actions can and will change.  Though some of what he was saying was true he did a atrocious job of putting in context.   You do see certain things because of what you believe and have been tough but that does not mean that you can only see what you think is right in that small window.  Just because someone things that it is alright to buy beer and have a good time does not mean that the person sustains getting drunk.  You do have beliefs and your beliefs are important but most people do not only see the world through what they believe, most people do look at other sides and look at different perspectives.  You may lean to one side because of what your mother told you when you were three but you can still change because of what she learned when she was 63. 

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