I think that the idea that you have to try even tho you could lose is something that I wish more people understand.  People will do what ever they can to do what everyone else things is right.  I have to play sports and stay in shape.  My hair always has to look great.  I am not allowed to cry anywhere but at home.  There are so many more “social norms” that we as 9th graders follow everyday.  But if we were all able to just stay true to what we believe then maybe we wouldn’t have to get up so early and spend our valuable beauty sleep on doing makeup that we feel pressured to wear or gelling our hair for 15 minutes that we could have spent helping our siblings with things that they don’t understand.  If we were true to yourself then our government wouldn’t be as messed up either.  If what we really believed was reflected in our government we would all be much happier instead of letting people who put power above good things ruin our lives.

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  1. I like how you talked about how we should just be yourself. I tried this and I promise you will be so much more happy and just in a better mood overall. 🙂

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