Blind Spots

I think that you can always get better.  You can should always get a second chance.  Sometimes we are so mad and so scared about something that we do things that we wish we didn’t.  Sometimes it is something as small as calling your little sister a dumbo but sometimes it can be as bad as killing someone.  I think that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their own blind spots that put them over the edge.  We all have that one person who drives us crazy for just breathing our own air, and sometimes we have had enough of them breathing our air and we lose it.  I’m not saying that it is alright to kill anyone but sometimes we do blow up, that is part of human life.  But that doesn’t make you a bad person.  You are still a good person who just like everyone else is just trying to be happy.

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  1. I like the very first sentence where you say “i think that you can always get better. You should always get a second chance.” People often only give others one chance and they don’t let them get better and they don’t give them a second chance. I also like the part where you said “everyone has there own blind spots” because that so true we all have are own blind spots and we all struggle with different thing and those thing that we struggle with can sometimes be our blind spots, and deal with them in all kind of different ways.

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